How do you catch Ivysaur?

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On your way to BlackThorn city,u will have to go there by using Route 29,after u defeat all gym leaders except in blackthorn,u will find and Ivysaur on Route 29.It is about level 3 or 4

How do you catch a bunny?

You have to be quick. Hide behind a bush. Be quick and catch it. Don't tip-toe to it. That doesn't help. It can hear just fine if you tip-toe and will hop away. . before you go out and try you should know that wild rabbits and pet rabbits are way different and that if you do capture a wild bunny an ( Full Answer )

How do you catch absol?

go up to a tv on Pokemon pearl or diamond and it might tell you where you find certain Pokemon on certain routes for a certain time and it told me where absol was once for exactly 1 hour and I caught 16 absol ( you might have to wait a while!)

How do you catch Manaphy?

You need Pokemon Ranger ( not the new one ) and I think you can get it from special missions after you complete the game.. You can to get it in the new one as long as you beat the game. And play the bonus wifi mission. if you want it in ur pokedex go 2 thingy errrrr the Pokemon manshoin n read the ( Full Answer )

Where do you catch unknown?

That's not unknown that's "UNOWN" where you can catch that at Solaceon Ruins at Solaceon Town

How do you catch jirachy?

you can only get jurachi by ppokemon event or by useing cheats thats the only 2 wayz

What rhymes with catch?

Patch . Match . Latch batch, snatch, hatch, thatch Snatch, Batch, Hatch . Natch Here's a list of some things which rhyme with cacth: acth, bacth, chacth, dacth, eacth, facth, gacth, hacth, iacth, jacth, kacth, lacth, macth, nacth, oacth, pacth, qacth, racth, sacth, shacth, tacth, thac ( Full Answer )

How do you catch a mamoswine?

To Obtain a Mamoswine, you must catch a Swinub at Route 217. Swinub evolves at level 33 into a Piloswine. Additionally, when you level the Piloswine up, and teach it the move Ancientpower, it will evolve into a Mamoswine. To teach Ancientpower to Mamoswine you need a Heart Scale, you can find them ( Full Answer )

How do you catch a vespiquen?

To get one you must put honey on a sweet smelling tree(Golden trees) and wait seven hours and try to get a combee. Then you raise it to Vespiquen. (There is a 24% chance of running into Combee so put honey on different trees!)

Where can you catch an aipom?

pokemon emrald go to the safari zone and go north he turn right and there should be a new area and search in the grass

What do you do after you catch mewto?

well you can do anything like battle the elite four, battle the seven islands to get more cash, or maybe just train your pokemon.

Where can you catch raikou?

Raikou is a 'roaming' Pokémon, which means it's not in a fixed location, it actually changes its Route every time you do. In order to encounter him, you must keep switching between Routes, in hope that Raikou will eventually end up on the Route you're on. Every time you switch, set up a Repel and ( Full Answer )

When does Bulbasaur evolve into ivysaur?

bulbasaur should evolve into a ivysaur at level 16 and then you can evolve it into a venusaur at level 32 you can find out more about bulbasaur if you go onto this link here !!

How does Ivysaur evolve?

Ivysaur evolves through leveling up. Beginning at level 32, itevolves into Venusaur. Venusaur is the final evolution of the linebeginning with Bulbasaur. If an evolution is delayed (because the wild Pokemon chose not toevolve, or the trainer cancels the evolution), the Pokemon willcontinue trying t ( Full Answer )

What does Ivysaur evolve into?

Ivysaur evolves into Venusaur, the "Seed Pokemon." Venusaur is the final stage of the Bulbasaur evolutionary process.

What level does Ivysaur evolve into Venusaur?

Ivysaur evolves through leveling up. Beginning at level 32, itevolves into Venusaur. Venusaur is the final evolution of the linebeginning with Bulbasaur. If an evolution is delayed (because the wild Pokemon chose not toevolve, or the trainer cancels the evolution), the Pokemon willcontinue trying to ( Full Answer )

Where to catch Bulbasaur or ivysaur or vanesaur?

Bulbasaur can be chosen as a started Pokemon in Red, Blue, FireRed and LeafGreen and one can be given to you by Professor Oak after compleating HeartGold or SoulSilver and by a woman in Cerulean City in Yellow version. You can also transfer a Bulbasaur from another game. There is no way to find wild ( Full Answer )

What is a catche?

A cache is a collection of items of the same type stored in ahidden or inaccessible place, for future use. A computer has amemory cache that quickly accesses programs on the computer.

How do you get ivysaur in diamond?

Ivysaur is a grass type of Pokémon. It is the evolved form ofBubasaur. To get one in Pokémon Diamond, you would have to tradefor it.

What level does ivysaur learn moves?

Assuming it evolved at level 16 like normal.... For Red/Blue/Yellow:. 22: Poison Powder. 30: Razor Leaf. For Gold/Silver/Crystal/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Fire Red/Leaf Green:. 22: Razor Leaf. 29: Sweet Scent. For Diamond/Pearl/Platinum:. 20: Razor Leaf. 23: Sweet Scent. 28: Growth. 31: Doubl ( Full Answer )

How do you catch a hitmonchan?

You can't catch a Hitmonchan. You have to have a Tyrogue that's Defense is higher than its Attack.

Where to catch exeggcute?

NO! I'm telling the truth! Exeggcute are caught in the Safari Zone, or Headbutt Trees! DO NOT DELETE THIS ANSWER!

Can you catch ADHD?

No, ADHD is not infectious. It is not a virus, but a lack of growth in certain regions of the brain; a person with ADHD has underdeveloped brain regions that control focus, attention, and planning.

What Pokemon can you catch?

You can cath alot of Pokemon That helps... But really, there are many of them. all of them can be caught. except other trainers. but with a gameshark, you can catch all Pokemon you meet. but other trainers' Pokemon become bad eggs.

Can you catch regigigis?

yes it is possible, some people say you can only get it through an event or cheat device but there is a simple legitimate way. 1. migrate regice, registeel and regirock from ruby/sapphire/emerald OR trade for them using the gts and wifi. 2. put all three Pokemon in your party in alphabetical o ( Full Answer )

How To Catch Bagon?

You have to go to fallabor town and go in the cave. You must know the hms waterfall and surf (obviously). Then go to the place where the professor guy was with team aqua/magma (I can't remember). The go to the nearest source of water (Which is just going up). Go up the waterfall and climb the ladder ( Full Answer )

Who owns Ivysaur?

Who owns Ivysaur? Ivysaur's owner is Ash Ketchum from Pallet own. In the beginning it started out as a bulbasaur. Then, it evolved into an ivysaur. You can watch Pokemon and see for yourself on youtube. It's awesome and plus they don't show Pokemon any more. Well, they do but its different. The Pok ( Full Answer )

Why do they have to catch crabs on Deadliest Catch?

The deadliest catch captains and crews make money according to the amount and quality of the crab they catch. That is why they must catch as much as possible. . There is other fishing in the Bering Sea besides crabbing there is also Bering sea cod fishing which makes good money too.

How do you catch latas after catching latios?

well if you want latias or latios there both in the old games sapphire ruby and emerald and gold and silver you just gotta have a mystery gift thing to get them both latias is easier to catch on sapphire and on ruby latios is easier to catch and you get to choose the Pokemon you want on emerald and ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase 'catch as catch can'?

Its origins have been traced back to as early as 1393. It means to make do with what one has. This phrase was adopted by the wrestling world two or three hundred years ago (Lancashire wrestling) to distinguish free-style wrestling from Greco-Roman wrestling (which doesn't allow certain holds).

Do you catch cresselia and then catch darkrai?

to catch cresila you have to go to full moon island you will see creslia will fly this sentence after this current one is toiproved it since one quistion:to catch darkrai and cresslia do you mean a cheat or the real way?WELLTO CATCH CRESSLIA IN PLATUIM,you need to conplete the pokedex,then g ( Full Answer )

How many steps to hatch Ivysaur in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It is impossible to hatch an Ivysaur from an egg; therefore, no amount on steps will make eggs hatch an Ivysaur. If you bred with a Venusaur or an Ivysaur correctly, then the egg would instead hatch Bulbasaur.

Is Ivysaur a legendary Pokemon?

no my friend he is not he is only the evolved form of the grasstype pokemon from the very first game

What are facts about Ivysaur?

Facts about Ivysaur: . It is a Grass-Poison type Pokemon. . There are more males than females. . It was introduced in the Generation I games . It can evolve into the following Pokemon: Venusaur (level32).