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How do you catch Mesprit on Pokemon Pearl?

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There are three ways... 1. Trade 2. Following the story when he flys out of the cave then on one of the features of your poke watch thing it will have a monster icon and will tell you where he is. 3. Enter this code on action replay. Mesprit

94000130 fffb0000

d5000000 000001e1

b21c4d28 00000000

b0000004 00000000

c0000000 0000000b

d7000000 00024620

dc000000 00000006

d2000000 00000000

Hold select while walking through grass. Use the Marking Map to your advantage. It'll tell you where it is, so you can go to the boarder of two routes and alternate between them until you are in the same route as it. This will give you one battle with it before having to alternate routes again. At least it gives you a chance to put it to sleep or affect its status in another way. In regards to Balls, I recommend doing this at night and using Dusk Balls.

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How do you cressillia on Pokemon pearl?

catch mesprit the lock for cresselia in base of mt.coronet

What legendary Pokemon can you catch in pearl?

There are many legendary pokemon you can catch in Pearl starting with Palkia. Then you can catch three physic pokemon Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. Heatran, Regigigas, and Giratina are also available to be captured in the game.

How do you catch Mesprit Azelf and Uxie in Pokemon soul silver?

You can't, you will need to trade them from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

What is Pokemon 481 in Pokemon Pearl?

it is mesprit

What is the best Pokemon in Pearl?

PALKIA and 2nd is MESPRIT and yes another thing you can catch both of em

What to do after freeing mesprit azelf and uxie in Pokemon pearl?

You go to mt. coronet, and go catch palkia

What do you do after you catch the mesprit?

Catch better Pokemon

What Pokemon is 147 in Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon #147 in Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond is Mesprit.

Where can you catch uxie mesprit and azelf in Pokemon heart gold?

You can't get them from that version. You need to trade for them from Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum.

How do you get mesprit in in Pokemon black?

You can not. Mesprit ca be obtained in the following games:Pokemon DiamondPokemon PearlPokemon Platinum

How to catch Mesprit on ether Pokemon pearl or diamond?

For the battle with Mesprit, I recommend you catch a whynut, which knows shodow tag. So, Mesprit cannot escape. After you weaken it I would use a pokeball wich is what i did. this Pokemon is the easiest Pokemon in Pokemon diamond and pearl i cought all of them on my first try smae with the others that fly away. it was easy to get arcuies,giratina,and shayman on my first try to. best of luck. sencerely: wikkiuser

What do you do after you catch mesprit in Pokemon pearl?

You fill up your pokedex then you will get national dex and all of battle island is opend and also you get to catch the other legendaires

When I was trying to catch the Pokemon from lake Verity in Pokemon pearl and he flew awaywhere did he go and how do i enventually catch him?

if the Pokemon was mesprit, you need to chase him. on the pokewatch click the things until you find the map. there will be an icon that looks like a bear's face. follow the face. mesprit will be in the grass

What can i do after completing Pokemon league in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you can go back and catch: -azelf -Uxie -Mesprit and also a SECOND -Palkia and a SECOND -Dialga

Can you catch any rare Pokemon on pearl?

Of course you can catch some rare Pokemon in pearl. You can catch plenty of legendaries (the only one you can't catch in pearl is dialga) like heatran in stark mountain, palkia on spear pillar,Uxie and Azelf in their caves, and a roaming mesprit(you have to see it in its cave first). There are more.

Where do you catch mesprit on Pokemon diamond?


Were can you find mesprit in Pokemon pearl?

your home lake

How do you catch azelf mesprit and uxie?

after you catch your legendary Pokemon go to the caves in the middle of the three lakes make them sleep and catch them but mesprit run away use your marking map and then catch mesprit

What Pokemon do you chase around the map in pearl?

The two in pearl are Cresselia and Mesprit.

How do you catch Entei in Pokemon soulsilver?

entei is a roming Pokemon of Johto. to catch it u have to chase it. if u run or use your bike it will run somewhere else. it is similar to catching Mesprit in Pokemon Diamond,pearl,or platinum.

How do you catch mesprint with a dusk ball in Pokemon pearl?

First, use a Pokemon with mean look, such as Crobat, and use it on mesprit. DO NOT WITHDRAW YOUR POKEMON AFTER THIS! Next, attack Mesprit until it is ALMOST in the red zone. NOTE: If you attack Mesprit until it actually IS in the red zone, it will get panicy, thus making a catch nearly impossible. After you do this, either paralyze or put Mesprit to sleep. After that, get ready to throw LOTS of dusk and timer balls.

Can you get mesprit in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, you need to trade for it from Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum.

What Pokemon ball do you catch mesprit with?

jiroxy ball...

Can you catch esprit in soul silver?

No, you cannot catch Mesprit in either of those games. To get Mesprit you can:Trade over the GTSTrade from Diamond, Pearl, or Platnium

Can you catch syther in Pokemon Pearl?

NO you cant catch syther in Pokemon pearl