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The only legitimate way to obtain Celebi and Mew is through a Nintendo event. In FireRed and LeafGreen you will need an event-only item to travel to the last two islands where you can catch those Pokemon

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You Can Not Catch Celabi In Pokemon Firered Unless you trade with pokemon heartgold or soulsilver.

The only way to catch Celebi in Pokemon FireRed Version was to get the special Pokemon from a event. The only other way would be to cheat using an action replay device with a code.

I don't think you can catch celebi at all in fire red. There is one way though bring your gameboy/ds with a wireless adapter to a Pokemon convention to get celebi.

you really can't catch celebi in a Pokemon game without cheats

You can't catch celebi in pokemon white.

It is not possible to obtain Celebi in Emerald without the use of a cheat device.

you can not catch celebi in Pokemon platinum

You cant catch a celebi without an actionplay!

No you cannot catch Celebi in Pokemon Emerald.

NO,you will have to trade it to evolve it.

You cannot catch Celebi in Pokemon Soulsilver, you have to transfer it from Diamond and Pearl (if you have it in those games).

Except by using cheats, you can NOT catch Celebi in Pokemon Emerald.

The thing is you can't catch him in Pokemon Colosseum...But listen to this: If you have a Gamecube and a gcn-gba cord and Pokemon Sapphire or Ruby gba game and a gba when you join the Mystery Event Club in Petalburg City, if you unlock the Hex event you get to catch Celebi... when you catch Celebi during the Hex event you put him into your Party Pokemon then if you have unlocked the Pokemon trade system in Pokemon Colosseum trade Celebi to Pokemon Colosseum from Ruby or Sapphire...then you have Celebi in Colosseum. You can also get Celebi from the Japanese bonus disc for Pokemon Colosseum.that's for jirachi not celebi

not without buying a 3ds and a new pokemon game with tho pokemon bank and transporter apps.

You can't get Celebi in Pokemon Heartgold or Soulsilver.

You cannot catch Celebi in Pokemon Diamond.

its impossible without gameshark or action replay.

At faraway island by event or gameshark or a cheat without gameshark.

It is not possible to catch Celebi without a GSball because she is linked to it in an odd way.

You must catch all 28 different kinds of unown pokemon.. Celebi should apear soon after.

To get Pokemon firered on PC download a vba and Pokemon firered ROM

You can catch Moltres at Mt. Ember Peak in FireRed.

You cannot catch Celebi in Pokémon XD. You Can Catch Celebi Only If You Trade From The GBA System