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How do you catch Mew on Pokemon Red?

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April 14, 2012 9:10PM

Easy! Start a new game and get up to Misty ' s city and fight up to the nugget bridge but don not go any futher. Save at the point where u are in line with the water line. Then, kill every trainer on your right except the youngster with a lv.17 slowpoke. Save after every battle. Reset if u encounter tha youngster. Then go back to the water line and save in the same place.

Like this:

3 4 1 1 1

3 3 1 1 1

3 3 1 1 1

3 3 1 1 1

3 5 1 1 1

4=u where u save



5=a camper who lurk in the grass(DO NOT FIGHT HIM)

Now go back to the city and heal yr Pokemon and get ready to catch a mew at lv.7 who only know pound

Go and catch a Abra that know teleport and go back to 4 and save. Go down 1 step and immediately press start and teleport before the camper see u.

Now yr start button will be disabled, now go to fight the youngster and make sure he walk to u and kill him, teleport again and go up to nugget bridge and the start menu will pop up and DO NOT SAVE! Press B and see the rest yrself!