How do you catch Rayquaza on Pokemon Sapphire?

First you must be the Pokemon champion, and after that train your starter Pokemon to around levels 70,75 or 80.Why such a high level?Well when you battle Rayquaza it is at level 70 it knows Rest,Fly,Outrage and Extreme Speed.

Okay now you know about Rayquaza let us get on to where is the legendary beast.Now Fly to Pacifidlog town and Surf off the east coast and go to the rocks above you.Keep going up-right on the rocks until there is a small entrance in the rocks and go there.You will see an island and go inside that is Sky Pillar.

Things to bring with you:

1.level 70,75 or 80 Pokemon

2.20-30 Ultra Balls

3.10-20 Timer Balls

4.5-10 Revives

5.10-15 Full Restores

6.Few more extra level 50-60 Pokemon

(in case your starter has fainted)

7.Mach Bike