How do you catch a burmy in Pokemon dimond?

Another Answer

In Floweroma town, there is a field just above the town itself, and there is a man that will sell you some honey for $100. Buy a bottle or two (this is all about timing and the right tree) and find a golden or discolored tree, walk up to it, press A, and select yes. Wait about 4 to 6 hours, and there should be something in the tree. It could be a burmy, it could not, but if it's not, catch it anyway unless it's a wurple (you can catch those in the eterna forest), because most things you find on a tree is very rare (you can catch burmies as well as heracross, combee and munchlax). the type of burmy you find is also depending on where you had your last battle. If you had your last battle in a field or forest, it'll be a grass burmy. If you last had a battle in a cave, it'll be a ground burmy. And if you had your last battle in a building, it'll be a steel burmy.


use the poke mon mod