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Get a private detective

Get a private detective

Did I mention, get a private detective?

It’s the best money you’ll ever spend. Their job is to find irrefutable evidence that you can take to court in the event of a divorce. You’ll have pictures, times, dates, locations, and who they’re with, texts, phone records, and possibly emails. These guys do this every day; they’re pros. You could spend a lot of time chasing your tail trying to catch them. These folks can do it in a matter of days.

Even if you catch them and want to reconcile, rent a safety deposit box of your own (never a bad idea) and keep what they gave you in there. Chances are, you’ll need it later, I’m sad to say. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

You can’t go wrong with a detective like elitecracker12 on gmail. Tell them what you need to know, and ask their opinion on what else you should try to get. There are even agencies who specialize in cheating spouses. You’ll get definitive answers, and proof to back it, in case you have to lawyer up and go to divorce court. It definitely increases the chance of you walking out with a nice settlement.


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Please be as sure as possible he even is cheating. If he's late from work and you think he's cheating, you may not be right.

If he is, the quickest method is hiring a detective. It can be hard to find a good one and it can be expensive. You pretty much have to get the goods on him if you are dealing with children, property and money.

Be sure you want to know if your husband is cheating, because once you find out your suspiscions are true, life as you know it will cease. The most important key to catching your husband cheating is to act like you are completely oblivious to the fact something is wrong. He will let his guard down and then you can either hire a private eye or follow him yourself. I caught my ex-husband cheating by following him after work. I rented a cheap rental car, put a Baseball cap and glasses on, then followed him to the arms of his lover.

I did not confront him immediately, but rather began gathering evidence that I would need to confront him and to use if we had to divorce. I also began to get my financial affairs in order, making minimiuam payments on bills in his name, paying larger amounts on the ones in my name. I also took off work one day and went through his entire workshop, drawers, car and anywhere else he could have hidden information. I scored a jackpot in his workshop! Beneath a stack of paint cans, brushes, and supplies was a plastic envelope with Cards she had given him, photographs and most importantly bank statements from an account I didn't know exsisted and a safety deposit box rental notice. I made copies of all of these items and put them back in their place. By this time, I had phone recordings of their conversations, photographs of them kissing, knew her name (and the name of her husband). Next I went to talk with my attorney who had everything in place to freeze his bank account and safety deposit box the minute I confronted him.

The confrontation started out with him denying any wrongdoing but when I laid my evidence out for him to see he just hung his head. Later he called me a dirty name for "sneaking around snooping on him" but after that point he settled quickly and fairly with me during the divorce. I'm sure he didn't want his family and friends to hear of his activities in court.

We women always confront too quickly. The ultimate revenge is to have all the facts so his lying, cheating ways are brought to life. Having all the facts will also help if you are looking to save the marriage because he is forced to come clean. Men have a motto...DENY DENY DENY. Unless you have the proof, you will spend weeks and months of knowing the truth in your gut and having no way to prove it. All while he's telling his buddies that you are a jealous "crazy" woman who imagines things, in order to make anything you say regarding an affair irrelevant. Good luck to all.

Usually on any given weekend you can hire a detective (usually approx. $200 - $500) and you should have your answer. If you can't afford this, then you will have to follow him. Usually men that cheat give the old line "I have to work late" so hide out near his place of employment and follow him. Be sure you are not seen by him. Another problem is when men make up some excuse to leave the house (going out with the boys to the bar or playing Golf, etc. one too many times.)

Lipstick stains on his clothing .The smell of perfume .Strange phone calls where someone phones, but doesn't answer. Working too much over-time (if possible check his O/T on his next pay check. Check your credit card statements very carefully for signs of dinners out, motels or hotels and even car rentals.

Be very sure he is cheating. Some men (especially during these modern times) do work long hours. Some men really do go out with the boys and no, women are not always involved in their endeavors. Even when you have a fight with your husband it doesn't mean he is going to go out and cheat on you. If you aren't sure, follow him and if you don't have your facts straight (and he isn't cheating) this could damage your marriage as far as trust issues. Hope you are really sure he is cheating on you.

These days there are just as many ways to catch a cheater as there are ways a cheater can catch your suspisions. The more you lead him to believe that you are on to him, the harder he is going to try to cover up his tracks. Personally, i have confronted mine and only got no where. He will only deny, and tell you everything you want to hear..that or he will begin to get angry and may even avoid, or walk out on the confrontation. This will push him away making it harder to find results. But this result is a result in itself, if any of these responses are given back to you, it may be a good sign of cheating. There are many small ways to find out even the simplest of clues. Today there are many personal websites one can have which will spill many of these hints. There are different signs to look for due to the age level of you and your partner, as well as ways to catch them. First you must be sure he/she is cheating on you. But the younger the couple, the harder it is to catch. My sister is 21, and is still developing clues to her boyfriends cheating. A familiar site known as was a hintful help, due to one nights curiosity, when it was stumbled upon that this boyfriend, in fact was a member of this site and had a profile. This was unknown to my sister. Why he did not mention it, was obvious. She found some reasons to believe otherwise of his commitment and loyalty. Since then she has been having a close eye on him....I suggest, looking through your partners mobile phone book, missed calls, outgoing and received calls,or more he hiding his phone from you? Also searching their name on the computer (youll be suprised of what youll find), taking account of the signs that you should be catching, his lack of affection, the less affection he shows, the more likely he is getting it somewhere else. He may go through a period where he feels guilty for his actions therefore he may shower you with gifts. Notice that his daily schedual subtly or greatly changes, along with his attitude, it may be more ephasized. Communication is the key to all relationships, he used to talk, now he doesnt. He'll avoid you around the house, closing doors, or secluding hiself in other rooms, even leaving for unnecisary reasons or is more irritable when asked of simple questions. I do agree when he begins grooming himself like he used to, or even dressing differently, it is to win anothers affection or attention. If he begins listening to different types of music, he hadnt liked before, it may be becauze that is the music choice of his "new lover". A More arrogant attutude, a change of friends, a change of environment, or surroundings, he is opt for new opportunites and is taking advantage of them. If all or some of these signs are describing the relationship between you and your partner, take in consideration of his/her cheating. and remember ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INTUITIONS!!

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check chenfixwei

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Q: How do you catch a cheating husband?
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