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i can let u no how 2 catch 4 legendaries, moltres, zapdos, articuno and mewtwo.

Moltres: You need surf and strengh. Go to island 1 and go to the top right corner of the island. Use surf to the right until ur out by a little bit, then go up. The first island u will come to will NOT be the place where moltres is, u need to keep going up using surf. Once ur as far up as u can go, u should come to Mt. Ember. work ur way to the top, this is where u will need strengh. Once at the top, Moltres shld b there, but remember to SAVE UR GAME b4 u battle moltres, incase u accidently knock it out. once u've battle moltres, it will never b there again.

Zapdos: u will need surf. go to where the entrance of rock tunnel is on route 10. At the top, u will c a patch of grass where there is a gap in the fence. Use surf and arry on round the corner and down. Then turn left until u come to an island. On this island, there will b the POWER PLANT. work ur way through, until u reach zapdos. But once again, SAVE UR GAME 1st.

Articuno: go 2 fuchisca city. Go to the Pokemon centre and head down until u reach water. use surf and keep going down and then turn left. sooner or later u will get to seafoam islands. Go inside the cave, This is where u will need strengh. Work ur way through until u reach articuno. Once again, SAVE UR GAME.

Mewtwo: once u've beaten the elite 4 and got ur national pokedex, go to cerulean city. Go over the bridge where u battled the 5 trainers, and turn left. Then go down. U will reach cerulean cave when u turn left a 2nd time. Work ur way through and then u will c mewtwo. He will be at lv. 70 and once again, remember 2 SAVE UR GAME.

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How do you catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

catch them

What legendary pokemon can you catch in Pokemon FireRed?

articuno zapatos moltres and mewtwo

Were do you catch moltres in Pokemon FireRed?

Moltres is a legendary Fire and Flying Pokemon. Part of the original trio of legendary birds from the first games, it can be encountered in Pokemon FireRed in Mt. Ember.

How do you catch legendary on Pokemon FireRed?

find one then use pokéballs ofcourse!

Can you catch legendary Pokemon Zapdos in Pokemon diamond?

you have to catch it in firered or leafgreen and transfer it to the pal park via the dual slot

After you catch Mewtwo on firered what do you do?

After you catch mewtwo you go and beat the Pokemon league again to go and catch the legendary dogs!!!!!!!!!!

Which legendary bird is hardest to catch Articuno Moltres or Zapdos on Pokemon Firered?


How can you get sugma in Pokemon FireRed?

if you know where you catch moltres its in the caves befor the legendary battle.

In Pokemon FireRed what legendary Pokemon can you catch?

In Pokemon Fire Red, you can catch Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, a certain legendary dog, and Mewtwo. That's as far as I'm positive on. And MEW ed by: QWERTY

Can you catch more than one dog legendary Pokemon in firered?

No, you can catch only one of them. You have to trade the others.

How do you catch the ice bird on Pokemon sapphire?

If you're talking about the legendary Pokemon Articuno, you have to trade it from FireRed or LeafGreen. If you're talking about Delibird, you have to trade it from FireRed.

Were do you catch the legendary dogs in emerald?

None of the legendary dogs are available in Emerald you must obtain them from Firered, Leafgreen, or Pokemon Colosseum.

How can you catch the legendary beasts in Pokemon firered?

The starter Pokemon you choose determines which legendary beast you can capture. If you choose bulbasaur, you can catch Entei, the lion Pokemon,if you choose squirtle,you can catch Raikou, the tiger Pokemon, and if you choose charmander,you can catch Suicune, the cheetah Pokemon. (You have to beat the Elite 4 and have the national pokedex)

Can you catch a legendary bird in Pokemon ruby?

no.but you can trade it who someone who has it at firered leafgreen and yellow version......

What legendary Pokemon is in Pokemon FireRed?


How do you catch legendary Pokemon is Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can catch legendary Pokemon with the help of a master ball

Can you rebattle legendary Pokemon FireRed?


Who is the best legendary Pokemon to catch on Pokemon firered version?

This is VERY debatable. Most say Mewtwo, Mew, Raikou, Entei, Suicune.

How do you catch the legendary pokemon in pokemon black?

You have to defeat the elite four then you can catch the legendary

Can you catch the legendary birds on Pokemon Crystal?

yes you can and you can also catch them in blue,red,gold,silver,firered,leafgreenand the remakes of gold and silver

Can you catch Entei and raikou at night?

You cannot catch the legendary dogs in Diamond or Pearl, you must migrate from Pokemon LeafGreen, FireRed, Colosseum, or XD.

How do you get the legendary in Icefall cave in Pokemon FireRed?

How do you find the legendary dog in firered. what level does yama evole. how to find a vulpix in firered.

What should you do after capturing mew two and defeating elite four?

In Pokemon Leafgreen or Firered, you should try and catch the one last legendary Pokemon with your master ball if you saved it. (It depends on your starter Pokemon on what legendary you can get.)

How do you catch Pokemon FireRed on PC?

To get Pokemon firered on PC download a vba and Pokemon firered ROM

How do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon lake?

you have to get more then 45 gym to catch legendary Pokemon! deoxys is a legendary Pokemon