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How do you catch a trainers Pokemon?

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You cant catch another trainers Pokemon. However, if you find the same type of Pokemon in the wild you can catch it. Not even a master ball will catch another persons Pokemon.

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Is there a gameshark code for Pokemon emerald to catch trainers Pokemon?

I belive there is not a code to catch trainers Pokemon :(

Can you catch other people's Pokemon in leaf green?

no you cannot catch other trainers pokemon, sorry no you cannot catch other trainers pokemon, sorry no you cannot catch other trainers pokemon, sorry

How do you get a pokeball that can catch other trainers Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

You can't catch other trainers Pokemon appart from an action replay

How do you catch trainer Pokemon?

get a master ball throw to a trainers Pokemon catch it

How do you catch trainers pokemon in pokemon emerald?

You can't catch trainer's pokemonz!

Pokemon emerald catch trainers Pokemon code?

This is the code for "Catch Trainers Pokemon" B6C5368A 08BE8FF4 B8D95CFE 06ED6EA1 E151C402 8A229A83 8E883EFF 92E9660D Press L+R in battle to be able to catch trainers pokemons as if they were wild.

Can you catch an elite four Pokemon in platinum?

only if you have the catch trainers Pokemon code

Can you catch red's Pokemon with a master ball?

You cant catch any trainers Pokemon

How do catch another trainers Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

you dont

In Pokemon platinum can you catch trainers Pokemon with a master ball?


How do you catch trainers Pokemon with cheats in Pokemon black?

you can't

How do you catch professor in Pokemon Blue?

Seriously? You can't catch trainers.

How do you catch trainers Pokemon?

You can't steal Pokemon however in Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon xd gale of darkness you can snag shadow Pokemon from trainers.

How do you catch opponents Pokemon on emerald?

You can't catch or obtain other trainers Pokemon in emerald.

How do you see every Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

battle trainers or catch the Pokemon

How do you catch another trainers Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

Action Replay

Where catch spiritomb on Pokemon Diamond?

action replay catch trainers Pokemon & catch Cynthia's or use ar to get spiritomb

How do you catch trainers Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond or pearl?

If you really want to, use your masterball because it never fails. Masterball fails on other peoples Pokemon. I learnt from my mistakes... you cant catch trainers Pokemon it wont work with any type of poke ball(it would've been cool if you can catch trainers Pokemon though=)

Can you catch a trainers Pokemon with your mater ball?


Can you catch another trainers pokemon with a master ball?


What Pokemon can you catch?

You can cath alot of Pokemon That helps... But really, there are many of them. all of them can be caught. except other trainers. but with a gameshark, you can catch all Pokemon you meet. but other trainers' Pokemon become bad eggs.

Catching rare Pokemon in Pokemon XD?

you cannot catch wild rare Pokemon in xd but you can catch the trainers rare Pokemon, if they are "inpure"

What trainers have Porygon in Pokemon diamond?

no trainers catch in games in hooen region and migrate into palpark

How do you catch spirtonb in Pokemon diamond with action replay?

u use the code to catch a trainers Pokemon,face Cynthia and catch hers

In Pokemon Diamond can you catch other trainers' Pokemon?

Unless there is a cheat code that allows you to, NO!The only games that you can catch other Trainers' Pokémon in are the GameCube games Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. Even in those, you can only catch certain Pokémon from other Trainers.