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How do you catch a unicorn?

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The answer:It is almost impossible to hunt; the only method seems to be to take advantage of the unicorn's great love of purity and innocence. If a young virgin is placed in the unicorn's way it will approach with reverence, lie down beside her, lay its head down in her lap, and fall asleep. The hunters can then capture the beast.

Or: To catch a unicorn, a beautiful, young woman must sit beneath a tree in the woods and sing softly, if there is a unicorn present, the it will come and rest it's head in the woman's lap, and then the woman must place a golden bridle on the unicorns head. There are also stories that if a young virgin offers to nurse a unicorn it will then gladly follow her and do as she wishes.

May be useful, My English teacher told me this one so excuse language. First find your unicorn, best if it is quietly eating or something then stand in front of a big tree and shout 'Oi D!ck Head come get me' as unicorns are proud beasts this will make it angry and it will charge you, at the last second step out of the way and it will get it's horn stuck in the tree, limitedly use excessive chloroform to put it to sleep and there you go the perfect unicorn.

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How do you catch a unicorn with chocolate?

u haz to fly ^.^

How do you catch a pegasus?

to catch a pegasus you have to be gentle almost just like catching a unicorn

How do you find catch or adopt a unicorn?

You can't find, catch, or adopt a unicorn because they are NOT real. Unicorns [and Pegasus') are mythical.

Can you catch a unicorn?

yes, you can catch a unicorn. All you have to do is believe that one day, your wish will come true. Believe on, even when you are 300 years old. keep looking for that unicorn, look for it in the forests, the mountains, anywhere, and, one day, if you want it badly enough, you won't have to find your unicorn. It'll come to you.

HorseIsle how to find unicorn?

You can't catch a wild unicorn, but you can lease one on Cloud Isle.You can also rent a pegasus both the unicorn and pegasus are 1 million dollars for 2 hours.

Should it be a unicorn or an unicorn?

It should be a Unicorn.

How do people catch unicorns?

People use ropes and hunt one down or they send a fair maiden into the forest to sing and the unicorn comes and lays it's head on her lap. Then, they catch it.

Are narwhals flammable?

Yes because all of there blubber can catch on fire. There unicorn horn can be used as medicine. As a matter of fact i think im going to go catch a narwhal on fire!

Is there any unicorn game where you get to be a unicorn?

Robot unicorn attack on adult swim is a unicorn game.

What are some opinions on Charlie the Unicorn?

Charlie the Unicorn is a unicorn that is constantly irrated by two other unicorns. Charlie the Unicorn is the best unicorn ever!!!

What is English for unicorn?


Why is the color unicorn the color unicorn?

Perhaps you mean uniform, not unicorn.

Can a hornless baby that has a unicorn mum and dad on howrse grow up to be a unicorn?

No, if it is not born a unicorn, it will never be a unicorn.

What is correct a unicorn or an unicorn?

Although unicorn starts with a vowel, we say and write a unicorn because the long U in a unicorn sounds like the Y in a yam or a yellow bus.

A unicorn in the garden?

no, A unicorn in the forest!

What is the simile of an unicorn?

as uniqe as an unicorn

Is there a Russian Unicorn?

Most likely not ... I mean a unicorn is a unicorn and if there is a Russian unicorn it's probably just gonna talk Russian

How do you turn into a unicorn?

You can't be turned into a unicorn unless by magic. You have to be born a unicorn to be a true unicorn.

How many charlie the unicorn videos are there?

3There are more then 3, there are..Charlie the unicornCharlie the unicorn 2Charlie the unicorn 3YouTube Live: Charlie the UnicornCharlie the Unicorn "Hot Topic" VideoAnd i think that's it. :)

What is the theme of The black Unicorn?

There is no such thing as a black unicorn, therefore there is no theme for a black unicorn.


the world must know this answerUNICORNS ARE AMAZING

How do you spell unicorn?

With a capital U, Unicorn.

What happened to the unicorn?

The unicorn is myth after all.

How many years live a unicorn?

there is no unicorn!

Are there such thing as unicorn smoothies?

As there is no such thing as a unicorn, then no.

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