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You can use action replay to get the complete pokedex cheat, but you won't get all of the pokemon.

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There are 493 and I am not going to list them all here!

There is a patch for Pokemon Emerald with all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pokemon. Nothing with all the 493 yet

nothing............. you just caught all the Pokemon congratulations

To get all 493 Pokemon you simply need to get all sinnoh Pokemon and beat the elite 4 and retreive the national dex from prof. Rowan

No i wish there was buuuttttttttttttt!! there is a code for ALL!! AND I MEAN ALL! 210 Pokemon for the pokedex and!!! PLUS!!! ALL!!! 493!!! Pokemon for the nationdex!!! :D or i think there is a code for all Pokemon in platinum? maybbbeee?? well i have all 493 Pokemon from my action reply dsi

Check on the pokedex. All 493 Pokemon are catchable in Platinum.

You can catch Sinnoh Pokemon in Pokemon platinum, but you need to migrate and trade unless you have an action replay

Pokemon Diamond,Pokemon Pearl,pokemon platinum,pokemon heart gold and soulsilver.

You don't have to catch them all, you only have to see them all.

well you can get every Pokemon on the game not catch all 493 but if you do enough trading you can get all 493 and all 493 can follow you for more info got to

Inluding the diamond, pearl and platinum Pokemon and all other games there is a grand total of 493 Pokemon in all. 386 are from kanto, johto, hoenn.

there arnt any new Pokemon but you can catch all 493 Pokemon

Just raise all of them to level 100 and after that just doodle.

493. You have to trade with other games if you want to catch 'em all.

i have all 493 Pokemon for Pokemon platinum. message me at and tell me what Pokemon you want n ill trade with you for free.

ALL 493?!?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY? of course not, not with those graphics on the DS game chip!

After seeing all of the Pokemon in the platinum pokedex (250 I think) and beating the elite four. you can get the national pokedex which contains all 493 Pokemon

By running around in the tall grasses, inside the caves, surfing and fishing in water, trading Pokemon and fighting other trainers. But to complete the Pokedex and get the star on your Trainer Card you have to catch all 493 Pokemon.

There is no cheat for having all 493 Pokemon in your PC box. There are certain codes that will help you catch them all there is even the migrate function if you have a Pokemon for gameboy and a DS lite. Or the Pokemon transfer for Pokemon black and white

yes, otherwise you wouldn't have all of the Pokemon

You can catch and find all the sinnoh Pokemon and when you see all the sinnoh Pokemon you get the national dex and find and catch all the pokeradar Pokemon.You get the pokeradar when you get the national dex.

You catch Garatina, Dialga,Palkiia,and all the lake Pokemon but mainly Garatina

You can't get Thunderus in Pokemon Platinum at all. By then when Pokemon Platinum was made, no one knew that Pokemon Black and White were going to be made.

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