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How do you catch entie in Pokemon Soul Silver?


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you should use a level 100 Pokemon so you can catch it


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Transfer the entei from Heart Gold or Soul Silver.

sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

catch him in heartgold/soul silver and trade over or migrate from firered/leafgrean. Hope this helps.

You can't catch charizard in Pokemon soul silver. You can get a charmander from professor oak.

you cant but you can in soul silver

You can't catch kyogre in Pokemon soulsilver.

no you can, you most catch it in Pokemon emerald

you have to trade it from diamond to soul silver and you can't actually catch Roselia wild in Pokemon soul silver.

You can't catch Deoxys in soul silver

you can't catch it, you have to get it from an event which has passed

You cant catch it you need trade.

you can only catch it in a wifi event

You can't. You have to get one by trading with a Gold Version. You can catch Teddiursa in Soul Silver but not Silver.

you cant but you can trade it from Pokemon soul silver

when you catch them it gives you an option

You can't, but you can catch gligar on route 45

You Can Catch Pikachu In Viridian Forest. Morning

In the Safaria zone or At the bottom of Mt. Silver

Get the legendary dogs entie raickou and suickune and he will be standing at cianwood in the front of the safari zone gate

You can't catch giratina in soul silver, you can only catch him in diamond, pearl, or platinum.

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