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How do you catch jirachi without cheating?

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Go to the godd@mn event

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Is jirachi available to catch in Pokemon emerald?

No, not without cheating.

How do you catch jirachi without cheating in Pokemon sapphire?

The only way, I repeat, the ONLY way to get Jirachi on Sapphire without cheating is to connect your Sapphire game to the bonus disc included with pre-ordered copies of Pokemon Colosseum. Good luck finding it on eBay!

Can you get jirachi in emerald without event and game shark or ar?

No, Jirachi is only available by Nintendo events or by cheating.

How do you catch jirachi in emerald without cheats?

you dont

Can you catch mew in Pokemon Platinum without cheating?

No, you cannot catch a mew in Pokemon Platinum without cheating.

Is there a way to catch Jirachi without using a Masterball in Pokemon?

yes you can catch it with anything

How do you catch jirachi on Sapphire without using an acrion replay?

you can get jirachi on Pokemon Channel a GameCube Game at the end of the game you'll get jirachi

How do you catch jirachi in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you cant catch a jirachi

Is there a way to catch the legendary Pokemon like mew lugia ho-oh jirachi and Deoxys without cheating?

In emerald you can catch deoxys and jirachi but your internal battery needs to be working if it is keep going to the space center until they get to rocket launch 99 then talk to the dude that tells you which one there on and he'll ask if you would want to go on 100 if you do you can catch jirachi and deoxys if not you can catch celebi the same goes for ruby and sapphire hope this helps

How do you catch Pokemon to lv100 on emerald?

you cant catch them without cheating and cheating is bad! dont do that cheating thing man; its bad man

Can you catch a Celebi without cheating?

No you cannot.

How can you get jirachi at Pokemon Emerald?


Who to catch a Jirachi in Pokemon platinum?

No, it is inpossible to catch Jirachi on Diamon, Pearl or Platinum.

Can you catch Latios on diamond without migrating or cheating?


How do you get wild jirachi?

You cannot get a wild Jirachi except through the use of a cheating device.

How do you get jirachi without cheating?

get Pokemon chanel {sorry for spelling} beat it than transfer im not sure but this is what i heard

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon Black and White?

You can't catch Jirachi.

Can you catch arceus without the mystery gift or members card?

Not without cheating

How do you catch a jarachy in Pokemon diamon without action replay?

You can't at least if you are talking about Jirachi...

How do do you catch celabi on Pokemon FireRed?

You cant without cheating

How can you get a Lugia without cheating?

If you think you can catch Lugia without cheating your are stupid.... You HAVE TO cheat or go to an event to get it in pearl, diamond, and or platinum. :)

What is 385 in Pokemon SoulSilver?

#385 Jirachi steel/psychic I have no idea how to get one without good luck!

How do you catch jirachi on Pokemon SoulSilver?

step 1: buy a pokeball step 2: find jirachi step 3: catch jirachi with that pokeball u bought

Where is Jirachi in Pokemon Emerald?

Jirachi is a distrubtion pokemon that is not obtainable anymore unless by trading or cheating (gameshark)

How do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald without events or cheating?

You can't catch Deoxys without having gone to a Nintendo Event (which has been passed for several years now) where you get something that allows you to go to the island where you can catch Deoxys, or without cheating. It's impossible.