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You can't catch it, but you can transfer it over from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum

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How do you get mantyke in Pokemon HeartGold?

In HeartGold, give a Mantine the Wave Incense and breed it. The egg with hatch into a Mantyke.

How do you evovle mantyke in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Catch a Remoraid. Keep it in your party as you level up Mantyke.

How can you catch Regice in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch Regice in Pokemon heartgold.

Where can you catch a Blastoise in Pokemon HeartGold?

Answer: You can't catch a Blastoise in Pokemon HeartGold. You have to evolve a Squirtle.

How do you catch a syther in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can catch sycther in pokemon heartgold in pokemon contests in Tuesday,thursday,and saterday.

How do you catch a Rotom in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch Rotom in heartgold.

How will mantyke evolve on Pokemon HeartGold version?

You'll need to level it up with a Remoraid in your Party.

Where do you catch Groudon in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant catch him in heartgold you can only get him in soulsilver

What rod do you have to use to catch Mantyke in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You can't fish up Mantyke. You have to surf to find it. Try Route 223.

Can you catch regigigas in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, you cannot catch Regigigas in Pokémon HeartGold. or you can cheat...

Where is Vulpix in Pokemon HeartGold Pokemon?

You can only catch Vulpix in SoulSilver, not in HeartGold. You can catch it on route 36 and route 37.

How do you catch a legendary in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can you the pokeballs that you use to catch wild pokemon

What type of Pokemon is Mantyke?

Mantyke is a Water and Flying type pokemon.

Can you catch pineco in Pokemon HeartGold?

To catch Pineco in Pokemon HeartGold, you have to use the move Headbutt on a tree in New Bark Town.

Where to catch Misdreavus in Pokemon HeartGold?

In the place where you catch one.

Can you catch Celebi in HeartGold?

You can't get Celebi in Pokemon Heartgold or Soulsilver.

Can you catch all the Pokemon in HeartGold?

yes you can catch every Pokemon ever made

Where do you catch Charmander in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch charmander in Pokemon heartgold but you do receive one as a Reward from Professor Oak after defeating Red.

Where and how can you catch Lombre in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can catch Lombre in Pokemon HeartGold in the Safari Zone at a waterside area once you receive the National Pokedex.

Can you catch chimchar in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot catch Chimchar in Pokemon HeartGold. It can only be traded from a Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum game.you have to trade it or catch it is really rare in cerulean cave

Where can you catch ekans in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can catch Ekans in Pokémon HeartGold in the Safari Zone in the Marshlands area.

Where can you catch a mantyke in Pokemon pearl?

Go to route 223 or Sunnyshore City and use surf

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