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Why and where do ocean fish migrate

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Why and where do ocean fish migrate

This structure is unique to the lamprey

The firm flexible rod found in the dorsal area in chordates is called the

What nervous system initiates internal secretion contraction and absorption

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Q: How do you catch the biggest fish in bass landing?
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Do largemouth bass eat meat?

yes they do. i know this because i often fish with steak and the biggest part of the fish i catch are largemouth bass :)

What is the largest fish a villager can catch for the fish tourney on acww ds?

the biggest fish you can catch is a ocean sun fish and the second biggest is a shark... (HOPE THIS HELPED!)

How does bass pro shops get the fish for their fish tanks?

Fishermen donate fish they catch.

What fish is harder to catch fish or bass?

Bass. Catfish will eat anything so you have a better chance catching a catfish

What kind of fish do they catch in Alaska?

They catch Salmon,Halibut ,Crab ,and Bass

What is the biggest fish you can catch on animal crossing wii?

The shark is the biggest, the most valuable, and the hardest fish you can catch in the game. They are worth 15,000 bells and you can catch them in the sea during summer.

What fish are easy to catch?

Bass, trout, salmon, bluegill, other freshwater fish...

What is the biggest fish in Lake Michigan?

the sturgeon is the biggest fish you can catch in all the lake including Michigan

What is the biggest fish between a 6.5 bass a 6 pound 5 ounces bass and a 6 1 5 bass?


What kinds of fish did they fish for?

They fished for the same fish we fish for today. Trout, bass, pike, anything they could catch really.

Does bass eat shiners?

Yes. Bass feed on any small fish they can catch. Shiners make good live bait for bass.

What fish do you have to catch to get the sinking luer in Zelda twilight princess?

its more then one you must catch and keep Pike, Ordon Catfish, and Bass fish

How many bass can you catch in a pro am tournament?

In B.A.S.S. sanctioned events, you can catch all you want, but only the five largest bass may be weighed in. All fish are released alive, and weighing in a dead fish results in a penalty.

What is the biggest fish you can catch in animal crossing?


What fish are native to sandy bottom nature park?

bass bluegill carp and some catfish although you wont catch many catfish there are some huge bass in the lake and are easy to catch if you fish there long enough fish there for 7 days and I guarantee you will catch at least one and btw they like live blue gill alot

What is the biggest fish anyone has caught on big bass fishing 2?


What is a hink pink for fish you wanted to catch?

fish wishStout troutbad-bass

What kind of fish is in tom bass park?

I have been to Tom bass pond and every time I go it's a different fish I have caught channel catfish gar fish crappies bull head catfish and big turtles I have seen people catch bass

Why do bass jump?

Freshwater bass jump out of water, most of the time, in order to catch food to eat. Some other types of smaller fish will jump to get away from larger fish.

What kind of fish did Jesus catch?

jesus caught many types of fish but mainly caught big mouth bass

How do you catch a striped Bass off a boat?

Using live bait is the easiest way to catch striped bass from a boat Using sonar, locate a school of fish and anchor the boat over the school. You will be able to see on the graph where the fish are in the water column. Drop your bait down to depth of the fish and hang on. Striped bass are very aggressive and will develop massive feeding frenzies.

What is the biggest fish ever caught and who caught it?

A bass was the heaviest and i caught it at 74387578785934578 pounds

What is the biggest bass caught in IL?

The biggest bass ever to be caught in Illinois was the Grand Missouri River Bass. It was caught by William H. Cremontey in 1983. At the time, it was the largest fish to ever be caught in Illinois, and the largest of its kind to be caught in the Midwest.

It is difficult to catch fish during full moon?

Actually, it's the best time to fish, especially for bass and other gamefish.

What is the biggest fish carp or bass?

Carp can grow much larger than freshwater bass like largemouth. However, striped bass and many saltwater bass species grow larger than carp.