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How do you catch the rainbow pass in Pokemon firered?

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First, you have to had beaten the elite four. Second, talk to celio and he will give you instructions to go to mt. ember on island one. Third, You will see either one or two (i can't remember exactly) team rocket/s on your right just when you enter the mountain. There covering a entrance to go further inside the mountain. Defeat them and go into the entrance. You will go through a series of boulder mazes where you have to move with strength. When you come to two roads, (one on the right and one on the left) take the left one and you will go down a ladder(as always lol) were you will see a place with somewhat strange stones. Go down the ladder to your right and there is the ember stone which you need to get the rainbow pass from celio.

Tip: i would recommend a escape rope or a POKEMON that is able to use dig because once you get the ember stone, you have to go the same why you came in mt. ember.
1. Beat the Pokemon League.

2. Catch 60 Pokemon or have 60 Pokemon in your pokedex

3. Talk to Prof. Oak in his lab and he'll give you and your rival the national dex.

4. Go to 1 island and talk to Celio beside the big Computer

5. You can now go to the islands 1-7

6. Your Welcome and Good Luck on our pokedex and Beating Team Rocket (you'll find out if you go to mt. ember and when you get in go right and battle those 2 rocket grunts)
After defeating the Elite Four, complete Celio's first task of retrieving the Ruby. Once you accept the task of tracking down the Sapphire as well, he'll give you the Rainbow Pass.

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Q: How do you catch the rainbow pass in Pokemon firered?
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What do you do after you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon FireRed?

go to the sevi islands w/ rainbow pass

How do you catch to island 5 in firered?

With the Rainbow Pass.

How do you get the rainbow pass on FireRed version?

The rainbow pass is a key item in Pokemon FireRed version. To trigger the events to get it, you first need to own 60 different Pokemon.

Pokemon FireRed how to get a rainbow pass?

beat the elite 4

How do you catch to island 7 in Pokemon firered?

You must beat the seven gym leaders, the elite four, and your rival. Then you have to capture 60 Pokemon to get your Rainbow pass the will allow you to travel to Island 7 in Pokemon FireRed.

How do you get raimbow ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no "Rainbow Island", just a Rainbow Pass. You can get the Rainbow Pass from Celio after you find the Ruby on One Island.

How do you catch the rainbow pass from firered to diamond?

You can't because the Rainbow Pass is a Key Item which can't be traded without a hack or glitch.

How do you go six island in Pokemon firered?

Get the Rainbow Pass from Celio and take the Ferry there

How do get the rainbow pass in Pokemon FireRed?

beat the elite four then talk to celio on island 1

How do you catch to the seveislands on Pokemon FireRed?

After beating the league go island 1 and go to ceilio. Talk to him and he'll give you the rainbow pass. it lets you go to the sevii islands.

How do you get the rainbow pass on Pokemon Emerald?

It is not possible to obtain the rainbow pass in Pokémon Emerald. It is only available in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

How do you get on 8 and 9 island in Pokemon FireRed?

get a mystic ticket or something related to a pass or ticket. [ not rainbow passor tri- pass].

How do you get to islands 4-7 in pokemon firered?

You have to get the ruby and give it to celio. He will then give you a rainbow pass

On Pokemon FireRed how to get a rainbow pass in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to find the ruby in mt ember and bring it to celio but first you need the national pokedex--Check this answer out:

On Pokemon FireRed how you get a rainbow pass?

Talk to Celio on One Island. (I think you have to beat the Elite Four first)

Where is a lavitar in Pokemon FireRed?

Larvitar is in Seavault Canyon, which is on Seven Island. (Need rainbow pass to get to Seven Island).

Where is the water path in pokemon firered?

Go to on island seven you will have to have the rainbow pass to get there.

Were do you find celio in Pokemon FireRed?

on island 1, in the pokecenter. u can get to island 1 by acheiving the rainbow pass

How do you catch deoxies in Pokemon FireRed?

Birth Island, but you will have needed to get the Pass to get there first which is an expired event.

How do you get to island 4-7 on Pokemon FireRed?

get the rainbow passyour not really helping just saying that. you go beat the elite four,talk to celio and then ha gives you the rainbow pass

Do you no who gives you rainbow pass on Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, Celio from One Island will give you the Rainbow Pass after you bring him the Ruby you find in Mount Ember. Of course, you can not get there unless you have beaten the Elite 4.

How do you get to island 7 on firered?

You have to catch 60 different species of pokemon then talk to prof. oak and he`ll give you the national pokedex and the rainbow pass which allow`s you to go to 4-7 islands.

How do you catch to island 5 Pokemon firered?

after beating the elite 4 go to mt ember on one island and get the ruby then take it to celio and he will give you the rainbow pass with that you can go to islands 4-7.

What do after you get the ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

Give it to celio in the one island Pokemon center he will give you a rainbow pass which allows you to access islands 4-7.

How do you get to the fifth island in FireRed Pokemon?

You must give the Ruby to Celio to get the Rainbow Pass, allowing you to get to 4th-7th island.