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You can't get Thunderus in Pokemon Platinum at all. By then when Pokemon Platinum was made, no one knew that Pokemon Black and White were going to be made.

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Where you catch Thunderus in Pokemon Black?

You must trade from Pokemon White, which instead of Tornadus, it will be Thunderus. :)

What legendary pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Black but not white?

In Pokemon black you catch RESHIRAM and TORNADUS In Pokemon white you catch ZEKROM and THUNDERUS Sources : myself

Where do you catch tornadus in Pokemon Black and White?

your only allowed to catch Tornadus on Pokemon black cuz on Pokemon white its thunderus your allowed to catch

Where do you landerus catch in Pokemon black?

First catch Thunderus then Tornadus then go to Abundant Shrine.

How do you get thunderus and tornadus on Pokemon White?

You catch Thundurus, but must trade Tornadus from Pokemon Black.

How do you catch a Mewtwo on Pokemon Platinum?

how do you catch a mewtwo on Pokemon platinum

How can i catch the 3 the regi's in Pokemon Platinum?

you cannot catch the 3 regi's in Pokemon platinum you have to catch them in Pokemon emerald then transfer them to Pokemon platinum. thnx

What happens when you put tornadus and thunderus at landorous's shrine in Pokemon black?

if you talk to the shrine with tornadus and thunderus then landorus attacks you and you can catch it in battle.

How do you catch entie in Pokemon Platinum?

you can't catch him in platinum but in soulsilver or heartgold you can catch him then trade it to platinum.

Where can you catch charzard in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't actually catch him in Pokemon platinum but you can migrate him over to platinum if you have him in another game

How do you catch a misderavius in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't catch a Misdreavus on Pokemon Platinum, you have to transfer it from Diamond or Pearl

Where do you catch vulpix in Pokemon Platinum?

vulpix is not in Pokemon platinum version.

Can you get Charmander in Pokemon Platinum?

Yes.You can catch charmander in Pokemon platinum.

How can you catch trainer Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

You can catch trainer Pokemon in Pokemon platinum by using an action replay. When you first buy an action replay catch trainer Pokemon is programmed with it.

How do you catch all the Pokemon on platinum?

You can catch Sinnoh Pokemon in Pokemon platinum, but you need to migrate and trade unless you have an action replay

Can you catch mew in Pokemon Platinum without cheating?

No, you cannot catch a mew in Pokemon Platinum without cheating.

How do you catch entei in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't catch Entei in Pokemon platinum. He's a Johto Pokemon. You have to transfer Entei from a GBA Pokemon game.

Do you need to beat the Pokemon league to catch thunderus in Pokemon White?

No just the last gym leader then go to Mistralton City, go on route 7 then go to the house near the places with the clowns. You see Thunderus after Tornaus in Pokemon white.

In Pokemon Platinum is it possible to catch glameow?

no you cannot catch a glameow on Pokemon Platinum unless you trade for it from someone who has Pokemon Pearl (since you cannot catch it in Pokemon Diamond either).

Were to find misdreavus in Pokemon Platinum?

you can not catch him on platinum but buy pearl or dimond and you can catch them and trade them to your platinum

How do you catch shadow lugia in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't. It is not available on Pokemon Platinum.

How do you catch Zekrom in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot find zekrom in pokemon platinum

Where can you catch spirittomb in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't catch Spirittomb in Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. Unless you have a Action Replay Code to catch trainners pokemon, you can catch it from one of the elite four

Who to catch a Jirachi in Pokemon platinum?

No, it is inpossible to catch Jirachi on Diamon, Pearl or Platinum.

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