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HI: My credit report had an address for sending a challenge letter. I think it was in real small print on one of the pages. Later, I looked on the web site of the credit company and there was a way to do it online. I really did not expect a positive result since we seem to have so little control over these credit reports. What a surprise many weeks later when I got a letter saying that the negative entry had been removed. I would try writing a letter to the company and explaining the mistake. In my case, a collection agency was sending me bills for an old dental bill that was not mine. I found out that they are required to send you documentation supporting their claim. I asked for documentation and they never sent it. Later, the unpaid bill appeared on my credit report. By the way, the government requires the big 3 credit report companies to provide us with a free annual credit report: Beware of websites that offer a free report if you sign up for a free trial of their credit protection. They wait until the free trial expires before sending the report and you end up paying for a month of 'protection'. Hope this helps.

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Q: How do you challenge your credit report?
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Credit Report Challenge?

Get StartedThe purpose of this letter is to challenge or explain an unfavorable entry in your credit report.When you receive your credit report, you should review it carefully for any mistakes and information that is more than seven years old (ten years for bankruptcy). If you do not understand something, ask. The

Where can one get a credit history report?

There are many ways one can get their credit history report. Among them are the Annual Credit Report, Free Credit Report, Credit Karma, TransUnion and more.

How can one obtain a free National Credit Report?

One can obtain a free National Credit Report from any reputable credit report site. These include Free Credit Report, Equifax, and Annual Credit Report.

Where can you get a free personal credit report?

There are several websites where you can get a free credit report. You can also get your credit report from your local credit card company or your accountant can give you a report.

Who can report credit history on your credit report?

In the United States, any institution that extends to you some form of credit can report to the credit bureaus.

What is a bad credit report?

A report about your credit that is bad.

How can one access or get a free credit report?

There are many ways how a person can access or get a free credit report. There are websites such as, go free credit, free credit report, and credit report all offer free credit reports.

Where could one get an instant credit report?

One could get an instant credit report from many different places. One Stop Credit Report gives fast credit reports, as do Credit Karma and Annual Credit Report. These three sites are excellent places to go for an instant credit report.

Where can you get a free credit report score?

One can get a free credit report score from 'Experian' Other sites that offer free credit report scores include 'Credit Karma', 'my FICO' and 'Free Credit Report'.

How many years of credit report requests are included on a credit report?

A credit report includes a list of every request for your credit report in the past two years.

Where can you go to view your credit report?

You can view your credit report online using the one official annual free credit report agencies. It is Annual Credit Report. Do not bother with the others.

Who sings free credit report?

it was just a misleading. there is no really free credit report but there's a free credit report trial

How do you get an experian credit report an the address to wrote to experian to request a credit report?

I need to know the address of EXPERIAN for a credit report

If you file bankruptcy will that remove a charge off report from a credit card?

Filing bankruptcy does not remove a charge off report from a credit card on your credit report. It just adds bankruptcy to your credit report.

Where can one get a free credit score report?

People can get a free credit score report from many different websites. People can go to Credit Report website for a free credit report. Also, they can use Free Score Online site to get a free credit score report.

How often can you pull your credit report?

The credit report holder can check his or her report as often as they choose. When you check your credit report it is considered a "soft inquiry" and will not affect your status.

Where can I get help to repair my credit fast?

I don't now but I can get your credit report are check your credit report for errors

Where can one view my credit report?

Someone can view their own credit report from a number of credit scoring agencies, such as equifax, transunion, and annual credit report, and experian.

Should old debts that are over five years old be off of your credit report?

Yes. You can get them removed. By law (the FCRA) all ACCURATE information stays on a credit report for 7.5 years. You can challenge ANY entry if you believe it to be inaccurate.

How long will bad credit remain on your credit report?

Bad credit or any negative report will remain in your credit report for seven years. Therefore, if it happens that there is a wrong information that will affect your report negatively, be sure to dispute it immediately. You can also do your own credit card repair in order to eliminate any bad credit that will be reflected in your credit report.

Where can a person get a credit score report?

One can get a credit score report from many different places that offer them, such as credit consulting companies. One can also request a credit score report from the Equifax, Annual Credit Report, and TransUnion websites.

What exactly is a 3 bureau credit report?

A 3 bureau credit report, refers to a credit report that contains all the credit scores of an individual, from the leading three credit bureau companies.

What does a M5 stand for on a credit report?

M5 in credit report means?

Is my credit score on my credit report?

Your credit score is determined from the data on your credit report. Most credit reporting sites sell or give away for free a credit score with your credit report. Some site only give away a credit score. So, the answer to your question is, yes, your score generally comes with your credit report but it is not always included.

Is a credit report the same as a credit score?

A credit report tracks your credit reliability based on your history of making payments on your loans and other debts. A credit score is a numeric value based on a weighted formula and your credit history. To find out more on both your credit report and credit score go to

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