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How do you chance the starter on a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

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September 13, 2007 12:48AM

Wow! That's a big question, but here goes: 1. Raise the vehicle so you can safely get underneath. The starter is typically located under the engine near the transmission mating surface. DON'T RELY ON A CHEAP JACK! Use drive on ramps or jack stands safely positioned on the frame, and lock the parking brake AND chock the rear wheels to keep it from rolling. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery to remove voltage from the system. Don't want to arc yourself to the frame when you disconnect the cables from the starter! 3. Locate the starter motor and remove the nut that holds the starter cable in place, remove the cable and position it out of the way. 4. Disconnect the solenoid connector...the smaller of the two wires going to the starter. 5. Remove the bolts holding the starter to the mount...usually 2, sometimes 3. 6. Remove the old starter. 7. Carefully compare the old to the new...make sure they match. 8. Install the new starter...thread all the mounting bolts in hand tight, then torque them to the specification listed in the service manual. 9. Reconnect the two wires you removed earlier. 10. Reconnect the battery. That should do it! Hope this helps...