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How do you change 120V volt lines to 240V?

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You DO use the old wire. You must not run new wire and outlets of proper load rating for the job. Doing anything else is dangerous.

2009-05-20 10:48:31
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Can you wire a 120V stove fan to the 240V supply?

No, you must break it down to a 120 volt supply.

120 volt or 240 volt electric heat?

240V is much more effecient, and you can put more heaters on a 20 amp circuit than you can a 120V.

How do you rewire a 120V lamp to a 240V?

If your trying to plug in a 110 Volt lamp into 240 volt outlet the answer is simple. You must buy a step down transformer, or your lamp will burn out.

If you buy a light in the US with wiring for 120V can you take it to a 240v country and just change the plug?

If the light you refer to is just a plain incandescent lamp, then changing the plug and changing the lamp to a 240 volt lamp should work OK If the light has a ballast (transformer-like winding) of any kind, the voltage rating of the ballast has to match the line coming in. A few ballasts have multiple taps - you may be able to change the internal tap from 120v to 240v you can not convert it. Otherwise connecting a 120v ballast to 240v will damage it quickly.

120V light fixtures wall mounted you want to convert to 240V for a house overseas?

It will work it you use 240 volt light bulbs.

How can you tell if the electric service is 120V or 240V?

I think the only sure way is to put a high-impedance volt meter and measure the voltage across live and neutral. Don't forget that it's AC. You could look at the bulbs in the lighting to see if the say 120v or 240v.

Will a 250 volt cord work for 240 volt appliance?

wire in the us is available in 300v or 600v ratings so 300 volt is good for 120v 240v or 277V 277V is usually only used in lighting

How do you Wire a 240 watt meter for 120 volt?

240 watts to 120 volts? Or 240v to 120v? What kind of meter? As in an electrical test meter?

Can you convert a 240V circuit on your service panel to two 120V circuits?

A 240 volt breaker can be removed and replaced with 2 - 120 volt breakers. The existing 240 volt breaker should not be used to supply 2 separate circuits.

How can you wire one half of a 20 amp 120 v duplex wall socket to run 240 volts over 2 legs 2 separate 120 v legs?

You can't. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but the way it is written is not possible. It seems you might want to use half of a duplex receptacle for 120 and half for 240. This would not be code compliant, nor would it make sense. A plug designed for 240v will not even fit into a 120v receptacle. You need a 240 volt receptacle rated for the amperage you will need. Also, an existing 120v receptacle has nothing to do with your 240v receptacle. For a 240 volt receptacle, you'll need to run 2 new 120v lines (in the same cable). The existing 120v circuit cannot be used here, even if you added another 120v circuit, because when a load uses 240v, both 120v circuits supplying the 240v must be controlled by a common disconnect (a 2 pole breaker designed for 240v circuit). My advice would be to show an electrician what you want done. I'm sure they can tell you how to make that happen.

Can a 120v light bulb work in a 240v lamp?

If you mean that the lamp is rated for 240 volts then yes, a 120 volt bulb will operate in it if the lamp bases fit. If the 240 volt lamp is operating on 240 volts then no, a 120 volt lamp will not work in the fixture.

On a 220 volt circuit where the white wire is common how many volts would the red wire be?

ANSWER FOR THE US: The red wire should have the same as the black, which is 120V to ground, or 120V to neutral. Without the neutral, you will have 240V line to line.

Can you convert a 120 volt Yamaha clavinova to 240 volts?

Electronic technician will convert in no time. You need 240v power transformer in place of same wattage 120V. Super easy.

Can you plug 120v plug into 240v outlet?

Hi, They're shaped differently, so probably not. Besides, plugging in a 120 volt device into a 240 volt power source would be disastrous to the device and not a good idea. Hope this helps, Cubby

Could an electrical outlet that is 240V accept a 120V appliance?

No, you will burn up the 115 volt appliance very quickly. <<>> The pin configuration of the 240 volt receptacle is different from a 120 volt pin configuration. This is a safety factor to prevent the wrong voltage being applied to the wrong devices.

Can you plug a 240 volt appliance into 110 volt?

No, there are two reasons, usually the 240v plug is different and will not fit into a standard 120v outlet. Second, it needs another 120v leg, that is, the 240v uses two 120v wires for the power it needs. So if you did get it to plug in and it did run, it would not be running at the power it needed to run, so there is a chance of damage to the appliance. What should be done is have an electrician install the correct outlet for it, this way you don't take a chance on damaging the unit and also the unit is safe to run. What if you change the plug or get it to work, you might not be using the ground or the neutral might be switched with the ground, in this case, you could create a unsafe condition and put family at risk. <<>> The pin configuration of the 240 volt receptacle is different from a 120 volt pin configuration. This is a safety factor to prevent the wrong voltage being applied to the wrong devices.

How do you change a 220v house hold appliance to 240v?

Don't worry about it. A 220 volt appliance will work on 240 volts.

Can you change 24 volt to 110 volt?

Yes you can there are several different 24v dc to 120v AC inverters on the market. Here is one website for them.

Can you run 240 volt power tools on 110 volts?

Not directly. You would either need to step up the voltage using a transformer or have a 240V receptacle installed. Most homes are actually supplied with 240V in North America which is split to produce two separate 120V legs with a Neutral Center Tap. The voltage between these legs, however, is still 240V.

Are there adapters for 120 volts to 240 volts?

No. There are no "adaptors". To get 240V from a 120v supply you use a 120-240V step up transformer. <><><> Clothes dryers, water heaters and and other high-power 240 volt appliances cannot be run on a transformer from a 120 volt circuit. They must be powered from a separate branch circuit that has the right size breakers, cable and socket outlet to suit the appliance.

Does a 240V 50A circuit breaker have 50A on each leg or a total of 50A on both?

It will have 2 50 amp legs for 240V, as each "leg" needs to be equal in a 240 volt circuit. An easy way to think of 240 volt is as 2 110/120 volt lines, you would need a single 50 amp breaker for single phase 110/120.

Can you plug a 240V amplifier into a 220 volt outlet?


Can you plug a 240V appliance into a 120V outlet?

No. The device will only have half the voltage it needs and will not operate properly. Follow the ratings on the device. <<>> The pin configuration of the 240 volt receptacle is different from a 120 volt pin configuration. This is a safety factor to prevent the wrong voltage being applied to the wrong devices.

How do you produce 120V lines from 240V lines without using a transformer?

220 volt AC current is achieved by having two 110 volt lines with opposite waves or phases. One line will be positive while the other is negative then they flip or alternate 60 times a second (60 hertz). When connecting a volt meter to each of these lines it will read 220volts. Connecting a volt meter from either line to ground will read 110. I don't know if your question is backwards, but in a home you shouldn't have any lines that read 220 volts to ground. In a business or shop there can be 240 volt lines which combined can make 480 for industrial equipment. If your 220 is an older style and only has two hots and a ground (red,black,bare/green) you can't make a 110. If your 220 has 2 hots (red,black), a neutral (white), and a ground (bare/green), you can get 110 from either of the hots (black,red) to neutral (white).

Can you convert an existing 120V plug on an appliance to a 240V plug not speaking of a converter but actually changing the plug so there are no long term effects on the appliance?

If I understand your question, Can you run a 110 appliance off of a 220 volt outlet? You could by only using one leg of the 220. You may also consider changing the outlet. Put in a regular 110 outlet and capping off one leg of the 220 in the wall box. You still have a neutral and a ground to work with. I read this as the questioner doesn't want to modify the outlet. Check the voltage ratings on the device. Many electronic devices nowadays can havdle 120V or 240V as it is cheaper to manufacture one powersupply and sell it everywhere. If your device is rated for 240V, you can put a 240V plug on it. If it only says 120V, no dice. 240V will burn it up.