How do you change 1993 Cavalier motor mounts?

You might want to check with the Dealer. I had those break and it was replaced for free under a recall.

How to Replace the Front Motor Mount About This How-toAuthor: ninteyonez24

If your motor mount is falling apart, or you notice excessive engine movement, it is time to replace one or more of your mounts. This how-to shows you how to replace the front motor mount. This is the mount located on the left side when looking at the engine from the front of the car. This how-to was written by ninteyonez24, with image labeling and additional diagrams provided by myself, moonwell.

Parts New Motor Mount Thread locking compound

Tools 13mm socket and ratchet, various extensions, torx bit set, Philips screwdriver. An air ratchet helps ALOT in the tight places.

How To Do It Step One Locate the front motor mount. Use the below diagram to help you throughout this how-to. Step Two Jack up your car enough that you can get underneath. Jack up the engine to take the weight off the mount. You can use a regular floor jack with a block of wood in between the jack and the oil pan, so you don't cause any unnecessary damage. Step Three Remove inner fender shield (big pan looking thing under the car). Step Four Remove charcoal canister (black round thing with plugs and pipes in it near sliver A/C thing) Step Five Remove two top bolts that are near the taken out charcoal canister. Step Six Remove bolts holding mount to engine. Step Seven Remove bolt on the bottom by the A/C compressor (watch out for this, there is a welded nut in the frame where the bolt goes, the nut is welded to a thing that looks like a bent tongue depressor, which holds onto a cutout in the frame which holds the mount, DO NOT LOSE THIS or you will be very unhappy in the hours to come looking for it) Step Eight Remove mount, and Install new mount. Step Nine Install bottom nut with the funny tongue depressor. The diagram in step one lists all the necessary torque specs for all the bolts. Step Ten Install two top bolts. Step Eleven Install engine mount bolts (you may have to pry the motor in the direction you need it to go in in order to get the side bolts in, you also may have to lower/raise the motor depending on how high you raised it in the first place, i actually had to raise it by the compressor on occasion in order to get it just right) *NOTE* do steps 10-12 in any order that works good, and install all the bolts loosely at first so you can wiggle and jiggle that mother around a bit, just take your time and don't strip anything! Step Twelve Install inner fender shield and the charcoal canister. Step Thirteen Lower the car, and you are done. No more bouncing motor!