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How do you change The Alternator on a 93 Plymouth Acclaim?


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Buy a replacement car!

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The 93 Acclaim has a serpentine belt. The tensioner below the alternator is what keeps the tension. If you have not tension I would replace the belt first and then check the tensioner.

93 3.0 voyager. from the bottum, remove any plastic under shields , and passenger tire. disconnect. battery first. and use jack stands, be safe

In my manual it will tell you (1993 Plymouth acclaim)crasp firmly both sides of center brake light housing and pull straight out,turn the bulb,pull it out,replace bulb(check bulb number)had to give it a pretty good tug,but that's it.

Look at my answer for the location of the fuel pump fuse for the '93 Acclaim. Might help you. I found the relay.

its really simple... the belt goes around the crankshaft pulley, then it goes over the water pump and around the alternator.

is there a fuse between alternator and battery on a 2002 saab 93

No, there is not a fuel pump reset button on the 93 Acclaim. You need to check your fuel pump fuse under the dash of your vehicle.

It's in the gas tank, the tank has to come down to change it.

The alternator is mounted low on the rear of the engine.

you mean the engine still runs?

This procedure is done exactly the same as you would change a monaural antenna.

the alternator is right in the front behind the right side of the rad

steps to remove 2002 9-3 alternator

You dont need a diagram.. just trace the route with the eye.. Besides.. if your going to change the alternator belt.. you might as well change all 3 if its on the V6.. Oh.. and is a PIA job..

it's attached to the alternator.

It's built into the alternator, you will have to tear the alternator apart to replace it or do as most people do and buy a new alternator.

You dont have to plug in a code reader to get Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) on any Plymouth Acclaim; you turn the key to run, without starting it, 5 times, then back to run. It will then flash out a code via the Check Engine Light. I.e. flash-flash PAUSE flash flash flash..END would be code 23. Google is your friend. You can find many many many webpages dedicated to this technology ~Technologic80

I was able to watch a mechanic change the alternator on my 93 Saturn sl1 and it wasnt pretty. Unlike the easy to change alternators like the dodge stratus (alternator in FRONT, on TOP and in plain sight), the Saturn sl1's alternator is between the motor and the passenger cabin (hidden and underneath). What tools do you use??? A lift for starters. It took my mechanic about 2 hours to do the job and he was swearing and cussing the entire time. I sincerely suggest that you have a professional do the job.

Remove the belt from your 1993 Cadillac Deville alternator. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the alternator. Remove the alternator retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new alternator.

The voltage regulator is in the alternator.

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