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How do you change Torque converter?

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2011-09-13 00:29:39

major job for the inexperienced

you must first remove the transmission

then you remove torque converter from flex plate. flex plate is

equivalent to a fly wheel in a standard gear box

to replace torque converter, is another job in itself as it must

be installed loosely until transmission is installed , then

properly filled with transmission fluid then tightened properly

if not sure about all this, it is likely to not work or fail

going down the road

WAIT!, ..unbolt the torque converter from the flex plate and

remove with the transmission! If you pull the transmission

separately, you risk damaging the pump in the transmission!

Same applies going back in, the torque converter needs to be

meshed into the front pump of the transmission before putting into

the car. Then once the transmission is bolted to the engine, THEN

you bolt the torque converter to the flex plate.

If you do as described in the first answer, you will very likely

end up replacing the entire transmission!

This job requires experience and special tools, not for the


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