How do you change a 1991 Nissan 300zx air filter?

Standard air filters are relatively easy to change and can make a dramatic effect on the vehicles engine performance and fuel consumption if in need of replacement.

Air filters (2 off ) are housed between the headlights and are part of the air flow monitor so a degree of care is required.First remove the centre panel by removing the two 10 mm bolts and pulling the panel away. Release the spring clips on the actual filter housing and the three Phillips headed bolts. now undo but not remove the two jubilee clips attaching the housing to the intake pipes, this is in order to afford a little more movement.The air box lid should now pull up and back (takes a minute or so sometimes) to reveal the two filters.If new elements are available fit these, if not turn the filters around 180 degrees to extend the life span off the filter slightly. Take care when replacing the lid to ensure it sits square and tighten all bolts and clips, refit centre panel and align with bonnet.