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I believe that you have to take the inner fender well out and you can get to it from the back side

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Q: How do you change a 1998 VW Beetle's tail light?
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What are the 1998 Honda civic ex tail light wires called?

Tail light wires.

How do you change a tail light bulb on a 1998 grand prix?

To change a tail light bulb on a 1998 grand prix you have to first take out the carpet from the trunk. Next, you will be able to get to the bulb just remove the case holding covering the bulb then twist, remove and switch the bulb.

How much does a new tail light cost for a 1998 Buick le Sabre?

The price varies for a new tail light depending on where you shop for a 1998 Buick LeSabre. The new tail light can range from $33.00-$99.00.

What kind of screwdriver does it take to change a tail light bulb on a 1998 windstar?

It will either be a Phillips or a torx. Look and see.

How do you get to the rear tail light to change it on a 94' crown Victoria?

on the tail light problem - unbolt the tail light from inside th truck -the hold tail light assemble will come out - it is recommended to change all the blubs your all ready there

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Open the liftgate and remove the ( 2 ) screws at the top of the tail light Carefully work the tail light straight back towards you because it's held in place by plastic pins >>>>>>>>>> and you don't want to break any of those

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2002 what?

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Yes unfortunatly

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