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How do you change a 2003 Nissan Altima headlight?


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Drivers side, you need to remove the air box & air filter and part of the ducting. Passenger side you might be able to get in but remove some things if you have to to save removing flesh from your hands. At the back of the headlamp capsule there is a large white cap with wires going into the center. Turn it counter clockwise and it will pull away from the back of the capsule. You will see a wire clip holding in the bulb, unclip it at the bottom and the bulb will come loose. you will have to unplug only the center wire as the outer wire goes to a collar around the base of the bulb to provide a ground. Note the position of the collar as there are two guide bumps on it and it has to go back in the right position. Remove the collar and the bulb will be in your hand. The bulb will be an H-1. Reverse to install. !/2 hour labour in a shop, rude design...