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well to clean it an easy way is just to pour some gas into a bucket and put the air cleaner in it and wash it in there the take it out and ring it out and dry it and put it back in

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Just take it to sink wash with dish soap and warm water wring out excess water let air dry. Put clean filter in a baggie spray some air filter oil into baggie seal then work oil into filter remove from baggie and install. Please dont use gas it will degrade filter material which will cause filter to fail and ingest dirt into motor.

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2009-12-03 08:04:56
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Q: How do you change a air filter on a dirt bike?
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How do you make a 50cc dirt bike air filter?

just buy one

How do dirt bike air filters work?

A dirt bike uses a foam filter (some filters have a second coarse outer layer) over a plastic frame. The plastic frame keeps the filter stretched tight around the air intake for the carb. The foam filter is oiled lightly and dirt and particles stick to the oil on the outside of the filter.

Why would a fuel injection bike bog down?

Bad fuel, dirt in the fuel filter, dirty air filter.

How do i maintain and i want to increase the speed of my bike?

change the oil. higher grade of gasoline. change air filter

How do you tune a chain saw?

replace the plug, clean dirt from carb, change the air filter,

How often do you change an air filter for a 2001 volkswagan passat?

Every 5000 miles an air filter should be changed regularly. You can stretch the life out of an air filter by just blowing some of the dirt out.

How do you get more hp from a 150cc dirt bike?

Replacing the air filter with more efficient one and removing the air filter snorkel. Replacing the stock muffler with more efficient one. Re-jetting the carburetor .

Where is the air filter on a dirt bike?

It depends on the type of bike you have but it is either under the seat or in a little black plastic container on the side. You just need to unscrew the seat and the plastics on the side to get it

Why does a dirt bike smoke?

Not enough air in the mix.

How do you maintain a dirt bike?

Make sure you change your oil every so often. Make sure you keep your chain tight. Clean your air filter everytime you ride it or buy a new one. Make sure everything stays lubed. Dont rag the bike out and you should be fine.

How often should you change your air filter?

with an air filter iv always learned to just check it every once and a while because your just suposed to change it when its dirty there is no certain time your suposed to change it. how offen will depend if you live on dirt road or not

Does breaking in the air on a dirt bike make you go forward?


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