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talk to a grand exchange clerk

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What is the strongest armor in runescape?

The strongest Armor defense wise is: 3rd Age Melee Set. The Strongest Armor Strength Bonus and Defense Wise is: Bandos Set.

How do you wear armor on RuneScape?

Once it is in your inventory, just click on it, or right-click and choose the "wear" option. If the armour is in a box ("set"), you have to talk to a Grand Exchange clerk to change it for its pieces - right-click on Grand Exchange clerk, select "Sets", right-click on the set in your inventory, select the option to exchange it for its pieces.

Where to get an armor set on runescape?

in either the grand exchange or you can make one

How do you open armor crates in runescape?

You right click GE person and there should be a sets thing and u click exchange on the set of armour that u have and it puts it into the pieces.

Can you repair armour in other people's homes in RuneScape?

Yes you can! Just have them set their house to open/friends and use your armor with their armor stand.

Is the Satan oracle armor real on RuneScape?

There is no such armour in RuneScape. If such a set existed, it would a) exist on the Grand Exchange, and b) have an article on the RuneScape Wikipedia (both official and unofficial Wikis).

How do you open a armor set in RuneScape?

around the Grand exchange in varock there is are lots of tutors look for the armor tutors or something like amour tutor and RIGHT click on him and press exchange armor

What is the most expensive armor set in Runescape?

Third age melee set ~330mil Third age mage set ~200mil Third age ranger set ~130mil

How do I get armor on RuneScape?

The best place to get armor is by going to the Grand Exchange. And get a box set that your able to wear. Once you get the box set you exchange it "un-noted" with a banker. If your smithing is OK then you can get the material needed to make your own.

Best cheapest barrows armor runescape?

Torag, or barrows for the set effect of real high hits. That's melee.

How do you get gilded armor in runescape?

Gilded armour is a reward from a level 3 treasure trail. The set can be purchased at the grand exchange for around 6 million gp. Individual pieces can also be purchased. It has the same defence bonus as rune armour.

Where can you find armor shops on runescape?

There is no general armour shop; rather, there is a specific shop for platelegs/plateskirts, another for platebodies, etc. You can find each of those on the world map. However, if you want a complete set (e.g. a black set, or a rune set), it is easiest, and usually fastest, to buy either the individual pieces or the set at the Grand Exchange.

What armor gives you attack bonus on runescape?

really any full set gives a slight bonus but try poison weapons

Runescape how to get full green dragon gold trimmetgold hide armor?

you can buy the whole set from the grand exchange in varrock in f2p

How do you sell your armor in a set on RuneScape?

Get all the items for that armor set then right-click talk to the grand exchange clerk, there should be an option for sets. Click that and then scroll down until you find the picture of the armor you have in your bank, right-click this again and select exchange, there you go. hope this helped :)

Is the Satan oracle armor on runescape real?

yes, it is"No. There is and probably never will be an armour set named Satan Oracle. Maybe in future updates but I doubt it."It was in runescape but it was deleted 8 years ago.

What are cool clothes in runescape?

Anything that is attractive to a certain mind set. To children.. 'cool' armor would be along the lines of Elite Black, or Dragon. To skilled players.. 'cool' armor would be along the lines of factory set, black ibis, etc.

On runescape how do you use armor sets?

You simply right-click the Grand Exchange clerk, then click sets, then on the box set, right click then click exchange.

How do you use the armor set on RuneScape?

You can talk to a Grand Exchange clerk, to exchange the armour set for its parts: Right-click on the Grand Exchange clerk. Select "Sets". Right-click on the armour set in your inventory. Select "exchange".

How do you get the stalker armor on ratchet and clank size matters?

First you need pieces of the Chameleon Set, in order to get any of these peices you must be on your 3rd time through the game. (meaning you've beaten it once, and beaten challenge mode once, then started challenge mode again)Then equip these armor pieces to have the stalker armor set equipped.Wildfire HelmetSludge MK. 9 GlovesChameleon BootsChameleon Body

How much is zamorak armor set on runescape exactly i want to buy armor and need advice help?

You asked at the right time :-) Zamorak Armour Set ( Today is 5/24/2009 ) is 2,470,000gp - 2,730,000gp. ----------------------------- I have also posted a link that you also may be interested in for future price references.

How do you open the armor sets in Runescape?

At grand exchange! Right click on clerk and choose sets. Then right click on the armour and click on exchange set. Hope it helped.

What is the duration of Murder-Set-Pieces?

The duration of Murder-Set-Pieces is 1.75 hours.

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