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How do you change a brake light on a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder?


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Assuming this is similar to 92, there are small rectangular "popout" panels in the wheel well at the rear (by the hatch). Pop out the side to be replaced (mine come out by hand ) then you need very small flexible hands to unscrew the back retainer on whichever bulb you are replacing. The bulbs (1157?) come out by pushing in gently and unscrewing about 1/2 turn. Reverse this to put in new bulbs.


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top of the brake pedal, there are 2 switches. its the left one.

The Antilock Brake System or ABS light stays on in a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder because there is a problem with the brakes. The brakes are either low on fluid or they need to be changed or adjusted.

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To reset the ABS light on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder, disconnect the battery for 10 minutes. A Nissan dealer can also reset the light with a computer.

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Brake fluid level is marginally low, check pad wear rather than just adding fluid.

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The light assy has to be removed and the bulbs removed from the back.

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There are several reasons why a service engine light comes on in a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. A few reasons could be a loose gas cap or the fuel sensor.

The brake light switch on a Nissan is located just behind the brake pedal. It sends a signal to the brake lights when the pedal is pressed to turn them on.

You can find the 2007 Nissan brake light fuse in the fuse box. The brake light fuse will be in the second column, third from the top.

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all you have to do is unbolt the whole fog light from it sides and undo the 4 screws on the back. the blub is a H3-55w

The 1998 Nissan brake light switch is located below the dashboard, on the drivers side of the engine compartment. The brake light switch simply plugs in and out.

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no if your battery light is on and the brake light on then your alternator need to be change

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