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How do you change a brake light on a 1997 BMW 328i?


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2018-04-27 15:47:44
2018-04-27 15:47:44

Open the rear passenger compartment, there are coverings on the left and right side of the car, on the opposite of the taillight assembly. Turn the plastic knob until it stops, pull the cover off, the bulbs will now be exposed, find the burned out bulb you need to change. It comes out by turning it. Turn it until it stops, pull it out and insert a new one.


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how do you change the trans fluid on a 1997 328i automatic trans

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Disconnect the battery for 15-30 Mins and it will reset automatically.

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A 1997 BMW 328i uses standard 10w-30 engine oil. This provides a good balance of protection and heat dissipation for the engine.

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It should turn off, if all of the brake pad sensors are working. You might have a damaged sensor. Each sensor costs around $13.00

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