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How do you change a brake light on a 2001 Honda Passport?

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I just went through the ordeal with my 2000 Passport, maybe it will be the same with your's??? There are two almost hidden screws in the air-vents on the side of the lens. Once you remove those you can pull the top part of the housing from the car as it uses a friction pin. There is a screw in the bottom that looks like you'd have to remove the bumper to get, but I was able to pull the housing far enough away to replace the bulb without removing it. (not without some skinned knuckles and appropriate cursing!)

Changing a tail light on the Passport/Rodeo isn't really as difficult as I have seen some people make it out to be. I have a 2000 Passport, so I'm assuming that most other years for the Passport/Rodeo are similar. To change the bulb you have to remove the rear light fixture. You DO NOT have to remove anything on the interior of the vehicle. There are three screws to get the fixture off. The first two are on the side of the fixture in the small recesses that look like vents in the lights. They are diffuclt to see, but if you look closely, they're right there. Take them out. The third screw is located on the rear of the car, between the bumper and the fixture. It's hard to see without a flashlight. Loosen the screw until it turns very easily and gently pull back and up on the fixture. The assembly should slide right out. There is a pressure fit plastic piece that lines up the fixture. Be careful not to snap it like I did. After that, it's easy. Remove the snap fit electrical supply to the fixture and you're home free. Change the bulb and you're done. Getting that bottom third screw back in can be tricky. I found it easiest to put the screw back in and cover it with a thin piece of tape to hold it in place. Once the fixture is lined up you can secure the sides and screw the bottom in by puncturing the tape with the screwdriver. Took me an hour to figure it out the first time, took five minutes the next.

2015-07-15 21:08:31
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Q: How do you change a brake light on a 2001 Honda Passport?
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To change the brake light bulb on a 1999 Honda Passport find the light housing located in the trunk. Find the plastic covers for the lights and remove them. Pull the bulbs out carefully and replace them.

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the 1989 Honda accord lxi has a brake lamp light on the dashboard, if the brake lamp light is on, this means you have a brake/tail light out or disconnected

What does it mean when the ABS light turns on on a 2001 Honda Passport?

It means there is a problem with the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System). Seek professional help.

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Yes it does. The license plate light fuse on a 2001 Honda Passport shares the same fuse as the rest of the rear lights.

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What causes the Battery Brake and ABS lights to come on in a 1998 Honda Passport?

My ABS light was coming on too and I found out it was my ABS control module, which isn't cheap. I found out this is a common problem in 1998 Honda passports.

ABS light comes on in a Honda Passport?

A problem has been detected with the Anti-lock Brake System : It could be a fuse ( blown or not installed all the way ) A sensor , or some other problem As long as the red " BRAKE " light in your dash is not on , you still have " normal " brakes

Tail lamps stays on 96 Honda Accord?

If you are referring to the brake light then the brake light switch is stuck.

How do you replace the brake light tail light bulb in a 1989 to 2002 Isuzu Rodeo or Honda Passport?

1989-2002 Isuzu Rodeo and/or Honda Passport brake light bulb lamp replacement procedure: Purchase the correct replacement brake light bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement brake light bulb information. Then consult your owner's manual for the replacement procedure. As simple as it sounds, the owner's manual is the best place to start for brake light bulb lamp replacement instructions and illustrations. You may want to consider replacing both left and right at the same time in order to keep brightness and color equal (optional).

Why is left brake light not working but tail lights work on 2005 Honda civic?

You need to change the bulb. The filiment for the brake light part of the bulb is "open" or burned out. The filiment for the tail light portion will still work.

Where is location of brake light switch on Honda Civic?

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