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How do you change a car's sound system if it is the standard configuration?

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You could drill little holes in the speakers...just joking! :) Usually when replacing you may obtain information from the seller for the specific replacing system. Which car are u talking about? You may need to know this to find out if the new system is compatible with the car. If doing it yourself, you will likely need some technical knowledge. Careful not to damage the finishing inside or short the power supply, or to disturb some anti theft systems

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What is sound configuration?

Sound configuration is the setup of your sound card, volume, and speaker arrangement.

How many speaker are in a 2000 gmc sonoma?

The 2000 GMC Sonoma has four speakers with the standard sound system. An upgraded sound system came with six speakers.

IS the Bose Surround Sound system good for someone who wishes to build a home theater system?

The new Bose Solo TV sound system fills the room with rich, detailed sound that standard ... Spacious home theater sound from a sleek soundbar speaker; System sound .... What you see and what you hear are in sync - and as good as can be. .... I purchased the Bose Sound Bar as an alternative to a 5.1 Surround System.

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What is 3.1 surround-sound?

The use of numbers to describe the configuration has become commonplace. 5.1 surround sound is the most common configuration, indicating that there are five full range speakers and one bass driver. The five full range speakers are positioned as left, center, right, rear left and rear right. This is a basic configuration to provide surround sound although 7.1 is becoming more common. 3.1 indicates a configuration of left, center, right and a single bass driver and therefore cannot be called surround sound as no sound is delivered from the rear. It may also refer to a left, right, rear and bass configuration, which will produce a sound from the rear. The general opinion is that a single rear speaker is not as effective as two and in order to benefit from rear speakers, the center speaker is also an important element. The manufacturer will specify which configuration is offered in a 3.1 system so it is important to check the manuals and product literature to establish exactly what the system offers.

What are some of the features of the Accura TSX?

Some standard features of the Acura TSX include a standard sound system a well as a USB audio interface with iPod integration. Other optional features also include the Acura/ELS Surround Sound System and AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic.

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Which sound is part of the English sound system but not a part of the Spanish sound system?


Whats a Snare Drum's Sound Range?

The snare drum's sound range depends on the sticks you use (there are the standard wood, plastic, and even metal tipped ones) it also depends on the tension of the head. Changing these change the sound.

What are the advantages of using a Centre speaker system in a stadium?

When music is played in a stadium, using a center speaker system is the best configuration. The triangular shape of the area, with the stage at the tip, allows the sound to flow evenly throughout the venue.

What is the configuration supported by Pentium III 450 Mhz?

System configuration is determined more by the motherboard, not the processor. A 450 MHz Pentium III was only available in a Slot 1 package, and operated on a 100 MHz FSB. All other specifications of a system (chipset, memory, sound, hard drive, etc...) are dictated by other factors.

Can sound power a house with sound?

No. See the first law of thermodynamics, which states that the change in the internal energy of a closed thermodynamic system is equal to the sum of the amount of heat energy supplied to or removed from the system and the work done on or by the system or we can say " In an isolated system the heat is constant".

What causes pitch to change?

Every sound vibrates with a particular fundamental frequency. When you change the wavelength of a sound, you change the pitch of a sound.

What kind of sound systems does the BMW 3 Series come equipped with?

It depends on which if you are looking at what comes standard with the models in the BMW 3 Series or what is possible with upgrades. The standard sound system in all models of the BMW 3 is an AM/FM stereo, CD/MP3 player audio system with Radio Data System and an HD radio (with multicast FM stations). It also includes an auxillary input for personal players and has an anti theft system.

Could an inverted modem function as a codec?

A codec is a standard for compressing and decompressing sound or video. This has nothing to do with the function of a modem.A codec is a standard for compressing and decompressing sound or video. This has nothing to do with the function of a modem.A codec is a standard for compressing and decompressing sound or video. This has nothing to do with the function of a modem.A codec is a standard for compressing and decompressing sound or video. This has nothing to do with the function of a modem.

The change in frequency of sound waves in the Doppler effect is heard as a change in?

Whenever the frequency of a sound wave changes, regardless of what caused it to change, the change is perceived as a change in the pitch of the sound.

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The standard unit for sound energy is the decibel (Db).

How can I fix the snes9x emulator it stopped working when the sound settings were changed?

If it doesn't crash when you start it up you can just change the settings back to what they were before. If it does you might need to delete your configuration file.

Does electrical energy change into sound?

does electrical energy can change into sound? yes it can

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The so-called pitch of the sound would change. A sound with a higher frequency is said to have a higher pitch.

What is needed for a sound system?

The use of a sound system is so you can play your ipod out loud