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How do you change a carburetor?

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2007-08-08 07:12:22
2007-08-08 07:12:22

1. Remove Air Filter and All Duct work attached to the carburetor.

2. Disconnect Fuel Line (Label to aide in reattachment)

3. Disconnect all Vacuum Hoses (Label all to aide in reattachment)

4. Disconnect all wires (if so equipped) (label to aide in reattachment)

5. Disconnect Choke linkage (if equipped with manual choke)

6. Disconnect Throttle Linkage

7. Unbolt Carburetor and remove from manifold


1. Obtain new gasket

2. Install new gasket onto manifold and carburetor onto gasket per manufacturers instruction

3. Torque carburetor bolts per manufacturers instructions

4. Reconnect Throttle Linkage

5. Reconnect Choke Linkage (if equipped with manual choke)

6. Reconnect all wires (This is where the labeling pays off)

7. Reconnect all vacuum hoses (Be sure to tighten clamps securely)

8. Reattach fuel line (Be sure to tighten clamp or fitting securely)

9. Replace Air filter and all duct work

10. Restart Vehicle to ensure proper operation.

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no, the carburetor has nothing to do with your gear ratio.

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You don't, it does not have a carburetor. They are fuel injected. Hope this helps!

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Very little, if any at all. The carburetor is not what makes the horse power, The rotateing system and Valve train is what makes HP.

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