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go to wal-mart and buy a replacement lighter. unplug the fuse for the lighter. reach behind the lighter and remove the two wires that are connected to it. unscrew the whole assembly (you will see how it works when you look at the replacement's pretty simple) and install the new one. re-install the fuse and light 'em up.

The installation process goes as follows:

a) Sitting in the driver's seat, remove the upper dash molding. It's one part that goes from the A/C outlet on the left, all the way around the radio on the right. It can be removed my gently pulling toward you. Start in the upper left corner and pop the clips all the way around. Note that you may need to put the key in to take the truck in neutral so you can clear the steering column when removing.

b) Open and "drop" the glove box door. Don't remove it all the way... Just open it, and push in the left and right sides to unlatch it.

c) If you have an ashtray, remove it. Great opportunity to empty it too. ;-)~

d) Unbolt the lower dash panel under the steering column. Be careful with wiring so you don't set off the airbag! There will be 3 bolts on the bottom and two on top, to the left and right of the steering column,

e) Start unbolting the dash panel over the center console. Note that it's best to start on the right by the glove box. NOTE: If you have an ashtray, you'll see two bolts at the back of the ashtray bay. There's no need to remove those.

f) Before removing the assembly, it's best to remove the wire and check (with an electrical tester) to see if you're getting a clean 12V+.

Even though the lighter or accessory may not be working, I find that Dodge lighters are prone to gunking up. As many as I've seen that weren't working, I've never actually had to replace an assembly. It's almost always a wiring issue cause by turning the lighter or accessory when plugging it in, so...

If you don't get anything when testing the wire, pull on it and straighten it out. Give it a good shake and check it again. Even though YOU'VE ALREADY CHECKED IT, check the fuse again. It's number 15 in the fuse box on the left of the dash, inside the cab. Even if it tests as good, remove it and put it back in a few times. If it looks "unclean" clean the contacts with an eraser (both sides) and insert it again. Check the wire again. If you still don't get anything, it's not the lighter. You need to take the care in and have it checked.

If you do get 12V, it may be the assembly or the lighter itself.

Lighter: Visually inspect the lighter. If the nipple is recessed and worn, it's probably going to be the lighter. To test, insert an accessory (making sure you've reconnected the wire and put the fuse back), put your key in the ignition and turn backward. You should get power.

If you get power, but less than 12V, grab a pencil. Turn off the car and remove fuse 15. Stick the eraser end into the lighter to it sits on the nipple in the center of the back of the assembly. Spin in between your finders to clean the nipple till shiney. Use your electrical meeter to test for power level. You should get 12V now.

If you don't, it's the assembly, and it'll need to be replaced.

g) Pop out the assembly by pushing in the 2 retention nibs and pop in the new one.

Once you're done, read these directions in reverse to put everything back together, and should be all set. :)

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Q: How do you change a cigarette lighter in a Dodge Dakota?
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