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In my 96 Avalon there is a screw in the outside bottom of the ashtray cover that when removed exposes the lighter. I did not discover it until after I had forced the entire ashtray past the stops by pushing on the stops with a screwdriver. I knew that was not correct, but it did work just fine and I was able to reattach my lighter which had come loose and kept blowing fuses.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-01 16:38:16
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Q: How do you change a cigarette lighter in a Toyota Avalon?
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It could be that the lighter coil is burnt out. The coils are replacable and do burn out with use. My 96 Avalon had the same problem. I took it to a Toyota dealer to get it checked out. The Lighter itself had to be replaced. It is a pretty big job, as alot of the dash has to be removed. With the parts, it cost a little less than $250.00. My'95 did the same thing. Apparently the lighter had worked itself loose and shorted out on some change from the coin tray nearby. The repair is NOT difficult. Remove the ashtray/drawer assembly: Looking closely, you will notice a tab on either side of the drawer that prevents its removal. With a screwdriver, carefully pry between the drawer and the area with tab, and the assembly will come completely out. You can now replace the failed lighter.

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