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Drain the trans fluid and toss it Take the Track bar off the rear axle Unbolt the brake line brackets from the rear axle Unbolt the lower shock bolts Use a Jack to support the rear axle and disconnect the rear shocks, then lower the axle. BE VERY CAREFUL TO NOT KILL YOUR BRAKE LINES WHEN YOU DO THIS Take the Rear Coil springs out. Take the Rear bolts out of the Torque Arm Take the Front bolts out of the Torque Arm Bracket Pull the Torque arm. Make a mark on the Driveshaft and the Rear Axle Pinion Flange so you know which side is up. Unbolt the rear U-Joint Straps. Pull the Driveshaft out of the Transmission Disconnect any sensors or cables on the Transmission Use a jack to slighty lift the Transmission and remove the Crossmember bolts Take out the Crossmember Remove the Transmission from the Bellhousing (4 Bolts) Have someone else handy and one of you get on each side of the transmission and pull it backward and down to get it out Disconnect the Clutch fork push rod and spring Unbolt the Bellhousing from the motor (10 or 12 bolts if I remember right) Take the Clutch Fork out If you are going to reuse the pressure plate then mark the flywheel and the pressure plate so you get them lined back up Put an alignment tool in the clutch Making a star pattern, (like tightening lug nuts), ONE TURN AT A TIME loosen the clutch to flywheel bolts YOU WILL HAVE TO RESURFACE THE FLYWHEEL, SANDING THE FLYWHEEL DOES NOT COUNT AS RESURFACING IT, THE FLYWHEEL WILL HAVE TO BE RESURFACED AT A MACHINE SHOP, if it is already too thin it will need to be replaced. YOU WILL HAVE TO EITHER HAVE THE PRESSURE PLATE REBUILT, OR BUY A NEW ONE. THROW AWAY THE CLUTCH DISC, IT CANNOT BE REBUILD, RESURFACED, OR OTHERWISE REUSED. Installation of the clutch is basically the reverse of the Removal

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Q: How do you change a clutch in a 1992 Pontiac Firebird?
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