How do you change a crank case sensor on a 96 S-10 2.2 liter?

This could be your problem and how to check it out.

I have Had the same problem as you and i have a S-10 1997 truck. Unfortuanly it was not a sensor. The connecting bearing spun in the engine, until it was small metal chips, then they get suck into the oil pumps screen, and you loose oil pressure or have pressure when motor starts for a few second's, the engine makes a knocking sound and does not run smooth at all.

How to check if it is a spun bearing very simple dran the oil out of your truck Check the Bolt that you took out of the oil pan and see if there are small metal flaks stuck to it, also look up in the oil pan bolt hole to see if you see large metal pieces there. I have a repair manual and a owners manual for the S-10 and it does not list a crank case sensor.

What can cause this problem is a long time between oil changes, that is what happend to me.