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This could be your problem and how to check it out.

I have Had the same problem as you and i have a S-10 1997 truck. Unfortuanly it was not a sensor. The connecting bearing spun in the engine, until it was small metal chips, then they get suck into the oil pumps screen, and you loose oil pressure or have pressure when motor starts for a few second's, the engine makes a knocking sound and does not run smooth at all.

How to check if it is a spun bearing very simple dran the oil out of your truck Check the Bolt that you took out of the oil pan and see if there are small metal flaks stuck to it, also look up in the oil pan bolt hole to see if you see large metal pieces there. I have a repair manual and a owners manual for the S-10 and it does not list a crank case sensor.

What can cause this problem is a long time between oil changes, that is what happend to me.

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Q: How do you change a crank case sensor on a 96 S-10 2.2 liter?
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Where is the crankcase sensor located on a 2003 pt cruiser turbo?

It does not have a crank case sensor.It does not have a crank case sensor.

Where is the crank shaft sensor on a 1995 2.7 liter Honda accord?

The crankshaft sensor is located at the bottom of the engine timing chain cover. Use the owner's manual in case you need help.

How do you change the crank case ventilation valve on a BMW 740il?

replaced crank case valve location at valve cover

Where is crank sensor on v6 2004 Kia Optima?

On a 2004 Kia Optima, the crankshaft sensor is located on the front of the transmission case. The sensor is adjacent to the flywheel.

How do you know if a crank sensor is bad on a 6.0 powerstroke?

6.0 powerstroke had crank case sensor replaced by a dealership. 24hrs of runtime and engine refuses to start again. what happened to owning a reliable diesel??

How do you change crank case oil in a 1997 440 ski-doo bombardier?

There is no oil in the crank case,,you use mixed gas and oil that's what lubes the crank bearings and piston rings.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 2000 gmc jimmy 4 wheel drive?

crank case of transmission

How do you change crank case oil in tigershark jet ski?

What oil

Would a defective crank position sensor cause a 1997 Dodge Caravan not to start?

It is possible, but not guaranteed in every case. The crank position sensor is a little bit redundant, since there are other sensors available to the engine's control module, which could give it essentially the same data required for the engine to start and run. Regardless, if the crank position sensor is found to be defective, it should be replaced.

What kind and how much fluid does a Honda z50 crank case hold?

Per Clymer manual... .8 Liter .85 U.S. Quart

Does a 2001 s10 2.2 liter have a PCV valve?

YES, All engine must have Positive crank case ventilation. That is what PCV stands for.

Where is my crank case ventilator hose?

on top of the crank case towards the outside , it vents into the carb by vacume.

What causes a 2000 Chevy Metro die when driving?

In my case, it was a crank shaft sensor that went out, causing the cam sensor to go out, which may have led to the killing of the fuel pump. $200 later, hopefully it fixes it.

Where is the speed sensor and how do you change it?

well on a 93 exploirer the speed sensor plugs intot he back of the transfer case. dunno if that helps

How to change oil on 2007 sportster?


Why would a 1992 ford f150 just die and check engine light come on - cranks over but gets no spark - coil and ecm unit have been replaced with no luck what next?

Sounds like the crank position sensor is faulty. Get a volt meter, set it to AC.Find the crank sensor on the block of the engine. Disconnect sensor and probe the two wires with the meter. Crank engine and you should have 0.2 - 2.0 volts ac. If this is not the case replace. If ok, carry out same check with camshaft sensor on top of engine. Hope this helps.

Where is the location of the cam sensor in a 1998 4 cylinder Chevy S-10 and how do you change it?

To the best of my knowledge a 98 2.2L 4-cyl does not have a cam sensor. It does however have a crank sensor and if you look at the lower crank pulley just to the back of the pulley and go around the pulley you should find the sensor mounted on a bracket. You should see what appears as a sprocket with widely spaced teeth on the engine side of the pulley. This "sprocket" so to speak is what the crank sensor "reads". I believe that the crank sensor is the only sensor used for engine timing. The 2.2 is an overhead cam engine design and a crank sensor wasn't used. I know this is the case for the 96 models, both 2.2L and 4.3L v-6 and the design has carried through current models to the best of my knowledge. my 1996 hombre that's a s-10 clone with a 2.2 Chevy motor has a cam sensor i just had to replace it. the easy was is to take it to advanced or auto zone let them scan the computer for the fault code to tell you witch sensor it is. its location is on the bottom of the engine block passenger side. some say its easier if you take the tire off to access it.

Where is the speed sensor on a 2000 Olds Bravada Smartrak and how hard is it to change?

The speed sensor on a 2000 Olds Bravada Smartrak is on the top of the automatic transfer case. To change it you need to disconnect the two wires and replace with a new sensor.

Will a faulty crank position sensor keep a car from starting?

Yes. I had this problem on a 2000 Grand Cherokee. The problem came without any warning that I could notice. I parked it at night and the next morning it would crank and crank but not start. - I would imagine that his problem could happen gradually if the sensor had a broken lead wire or was gradually failing. In my case it was immediate and complete failure.

Where is the speed sensor located on a1985 cadillac 41 liter v8 automatic transmission?

located in the transmission case where the speedo cable connects

How do you change crank case vent valve on BMW 325i 2003?

Remove the throttlebody to get access to the 2 torq, screws.

What is meant by crank case ventillation?

as the pistons go up and down, and the temperature changes the air in a crank case has to go somewhere. that is what the vent is for

How do you change the oil on your 1999 road king motorcycle?

Place a drip pan beneath the crank case of your 1999 Road King motorcycle. Remove the crank case plug. Allow the oil to completely drained out. Replace the plug to its original position. Fill the motor with oil.

How many liter bottles are in a 9 liter case?


Where is the crank case sensor on a 2000 Olds Intrigue?

Do you mean the Crank Position Sensor (also called a CKP)? On 3.5L it is on the side of the block between the firewall and engine (backside if you are looking from the front of the engine). You can get to it from under the car by first loosening the starter from the transmission and dropping it out of the way. The sensor is held on by a single small bolt that you can get at with a flat wrench. I don't know if the 3.8L is similar. The 3.8 wasn't used after the 1999 model year.