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EGR sensor on a 2002 is located right next to the engine on the top right hand side. i.e. when standing in front of the car, the sensor will be on the top right corner of the engine, kinda to the right hand side and half the way down the engine with pipes going in and out. You just pull the pipes out.. clean the edges on the pipes.. make sure they are dry... also clean the small pieces of pipes and connect the new sensor. I hope this gives you an idea ======================== EGR = = ===O=== = = SENSOR = = = ENGINE = = = = = = = ========================

The sensor that gives grief (and usually a PXXX code) is the Differential pressure feedback sensor or DPFE - wells makes a great replacement for the dealer's high price and can be found at any parts shop. You will find it between the EGR sensor and the firewall. It is held in place by a wire connector and two different size hoses going to the exhaust manifold. A simple replacement and the old part is not reusable as moisture destroys the sensor (and thus the code) I have also found that resetting the codes with a reader will not always reset the check engine light, so just disconnect the positive side of the battery for a minute and the code will be permanently erased. Note that discennecting the batter will require the escape to relearn its idle and driving characteristics - no big deal, but just so you know.

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Q: How do you change a egr sensor in a 2002 ford explorer. check engine keeps showing up even after reset but only when its damp or cool outside. where is it located?
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