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you have to remove the headlight and that gives you access to the top of the fog light the screws will have rusted in or the bolts will turn in there housing so if they wont undo which is likely pull foglight off this might rip the holes in the bumper but its not problem as new foglight will still hold in bumper changed mine last week not mechanic but its fine

That is incorrect. To get to the fog light there is an access panel in each front wheel well. You have to take the wheel off, but you need to take the wheel off to get the headlight off, too, so this is no extra work. Anyway, take the wheel off, then remove the access panel in the front of the wheel well. It's pretty self-explanatory on how to remove it. Now it is theoretically possible to remove the fog light through that access panel, but don't wast your time trying. You'll be feeling around in a dark space and you'll never be able to do it. Instead, just remove the whole wheel well liner. It takes about 2 minutes and you'll save yourself hours of grief. To remove the wheel well liner, there are a few little plastic nuts, a couple of reusable plastic rivets, and a couple of reusable plastic screw-rivets. They are all around the perimeter of the wheel well liner. Once you've removed those fasteners the entire liner comes right out. Honestly, it is very simple. Don't think it is too complicated.

Once the wheel well liner is out you'll see how easy it is to access the fog light. The fog light is held in place with three bolts. I think they are 8mm or 10mm. It takes a little bit of maneuvering with the wrench, but it isn't too difficult. Once you've removed the bolts you can pull the entire assembly back towards the wheel well liner, disconnect the connector, and remove the fog light.

I just thought of something... maybe you're asking how to change the bulb. If you just want to change the bulb that is doable through the access panel in the liner, however when I do it I just take out the whole wheel well liner. It makes it much easier to see what you're doing. You don't need to unbolt the three bolts. You can just disconnect the electrical connector from inside the wheel well, then twist out the bulb. Changing a bulb should take no more than 15 minutes, and ten minutes of that time would be jacking the car up, taking off the wheel, putting the wheel back and and lowering the car. If you have a floor jack and an impact wrench you can do it it about 6 minutes.

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Q: How do you change a front fog light in a 1997 Jaguar XK8 convertible?
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