How do you change a fuel filter on a 1988 Chevy iroc z28 Camero?

if it's fuel injected use the right size wrenches and disconnect the fuel lines from each side of it then remove the bolts that the attaches the brackets to it and remove the filter then just go backwards to replace it if it's carbureted remove the air cleaner assembly then on take a wrench hold the large nut on the carburetor body and loosen the fuel line fittingwith a flar nut wrench after the line is disconnected move it aside but don't force it or u'll bend it and hate life. then unscrew the fuel inlet filter nut but as it gets more loose becareful not to lose the thin washer type gasket or spring located behind the filter and and pay close attention to how the filter is installed. then reinstall the spring in the carb place the new filter in position behind the spring and tighten the filter with the appropriate washer gasket that comes with it do not overtighten it it or u'll cause a fuel leak then just replace the vacuum hoses to the right spots as well as the fuel lines but before you put the air cleaner back on start the car and check for leaks if u see a leak turn it off remove the fuel line and check for damaged or stripped threads if the threads are alright go invest in some sealing tape and put it on then pretty much put it all back together.