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Scroll down the "My Gaia" menu until you get to "Account." Click on "Account." There will be an option to change your profile to classic.

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How do you change your gaia profile from classic to new?

You go on gaia accounts place where you change your settings, there it will be..

How do i change the layout for my gaia classic profile?

Visit your profile and you'll see "Edit My Profile Layout" in the right side.Click on it.

How do you put music on a classic profile on gaia online?

If you mean playlist, you have to go to and (somehow) transfer it to your profile on Gaia.

How do you make a classic gaia layout?

Select a default layout that Gaia provides from the drop down list on the edit profile page.

How do you change your gaia profile to classic?

Scroll over the "My Account" tab and wait for the drop menu to appear. Once it does, go down to the tab that says "Account" and click on it. Now there is a menu to the left in which you can edit your profile. To change your profile to classic, hit the link that says "Theme". A box and a drop menu should appear. Hit the arrow on the drop menu then click "Classic" then make sure you click submit.

How do you decorate your gaia profile?

go to the website and one of the options is Gaia profile layouts.

How do you put a playlist on an old school Gaia profile?

Custom; Go To 'My Gaia' 'Account Settings' 'Preferances' Underneath timezone click 'here' and then paste the code. Classic; ^Same Thing^

Where is edit profile on gaia?

Go to My Gaia, then to My Profile, then on the top right, click edit my profile. You can only edit it if you activated your email.

How do you put a playlist on the gaia profile page?

search on youtube: how do you add a playlist on you gaia online profile.

You tried to change your profile to classic but it doesn't work?

Actually, nobody is given the classic profile by default anymore. Now you can append ?classic to the end of your profile URL. That might allow you to access the classic view. However, you would have to add that string each time.

How do you edit your profile?

Go over "My Gaia" and click "Profile" and your there.

Where can you get gaia profile layouts?

How do you change your background in gaia?

Go to your profile. Then select edit page. Itll come up as a option 2 change ur background.

Where to get good gaia profile themes?

How can you add graphics to your gaia profile?

Yes you can

How do you put games on gaia profile?

You don't.

How do you change your gaia online profile settings to classic and old school?

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How do you move people on your gaia profile?

Depends what you mean. If its gaia stickers you click on then and drag them to wher you want them, if its on the friendslist you change your top friends and keep putting people on the top till their where you want them to be.

How do you make a custom Gaia profile?

Go to or any other website that has Gaia online profiles, copy the code, set your profile to current or old school depending on the profile theme paste it in the theme override then save it.

How do you make your gaia profile private?

Go to your settings > little cog in upper right > profile settings > allow public profile > no

How do you add custom sections to gaia profile?

go to content

How do i get your gaia profile private?

Try going to your personal settings

How do you view a private gaia profile?

Become that person's friend

Where is the media box on gaia online?

It depends on if your profile is classic or current. If it is current, then just go 2 ur profile and click on edit Edit My Profile Layout. Click on content which is on the little blue box that's at the side. click on the add button right under media and click on edit on ur media box and put in the URL of whatever video u want 2 put on ur profile. for a classic profile u'd hav 2 go 2 profile options and then type in the URL of the video/music u want 2 put on ur profile and click save all changes. hope i helped^^ feel free 2 add me on my gaia account: Yuumii-Chann :3

On my gaia I don't have the multimedia tab so how do I get it?

It depends on what type of profile you have. If you have a Classic profile, the link can be found underneath the TimeZone setting in your account options (in really tiny text). If you have a current profile you just add a multimedia box the same way you would add any other content box.

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