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How do you change a gearbox selector on a 2001 Transit?

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i have done it on the 1998 model, it was a two day job, with two people, you need a haynes manual though

Remove inlet manifold is a must. Pig of a job for what it is just done mine.

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behind nsf wheel on end of gearbox end cover 19mmplug head

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Yes, the VTR does, not sure if all years do, but my 2001 1.1 gearbox fitted onto my 2003 VTR :)

I have 2002 Megane so should be same gear box and my gearbox code is JB3-972

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You will need to remove the passenger side plastic wing plastic from inside the wheel arch. In front of you on the gearbox you will see a square drive plug. You need to remove this plug, fill the gear box with oil until the oil starts to drip out from the hole.

I have a 1.5 dci 2001 and its on the side of the gearbox at the front of the car (passenger's side). It's a plustic plug which is easier to see from the bottom of the car.

Faulty Function selector switch. Consider replacement.

Take the gearbox off and you'll see the flywheel. Then unbolt it, put on the new one, torque to whatever Volvo tells you to, and reassemble your boat.

You have to fill the gearbox through the reversing light sensor.Alternatively you can remove the fifth gear cover on the side of the gearbox and fit a filler plug there,making it much easier to do an oil change,which I would recommend as these gearboxes are prone to fifth gear failure.Use full synthetic oil and add a teflon additive. Finally stick a powerful magnet on the cover,it may save you a fortune if the fifth gear disentegrates stopping all the mashed up metal going into the main gearbox.

The oil filter on a 2001 Ford Transit is located underneath the front of the vehicle. The covering isÊmade of both metal and plastic and is attached to the engine.

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