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How do you change a half shaft on a 1998 kia Sophia?

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How do you change a half shaft on 2004 ford escape?

how do you replace half shaft on 2992 ford escape

How do you change a half shaft on a 1999 Olds Intrigue?

take it to a mechanic!!

The how to change CV half-shaft on a 1997 dodge stratus ES?

how to chance a CV shaft on a 1997 dodge stratus

Is Sophia a half monster in Rune Factory 3?

no way

How do you change drive shaft on 97 ford contour?

As it a front wheel drive, it has two half-shafts that go to the two front wheels.

How do you fix half shaft 1997 Pontiac bonniville?

You can buy a remanufactured half shaft for less than it would cost to try to fix the old one.

Speed ratio between cam shaft and crank shaft?

Cam spins at half the speed of the engine.

How many siblings does Nicole Richie have?

She has 2 half-siblings. Half-brother, Myles Brockman (b. May 27, 1994) and half-sister, Sophia who is 9 or 10 (not sure when Sophia's birthday is). Nicole, Myles, and Sophia share the same dad.

When removing the CV Half shaft for a Nissan Altima 1998 is oil dripping out normal from the trans axle?

yes it is quite normal for oil to run out, if oil did not come out it would be more serious. After replacing the shaft be sure to top up the oil level again.

How do you remove a frozen bearing race from the shaft?

Use a die grinder with a cutoff wheel and cut the race in half taking care not to touch the shaft. If the bearing race spun on the shaft and froze on to the shaft chances are the shaft is damaged.

How do you change wheel bearrings-right front- on 87 celica?

Its not that bad of a task just can get a lil messy. You have to remove the wheel first. Then the brake caliper with assemble and then the rotor. Remove the cotter pin from the half shaft (drive shaft). You will have to remove 2 nuts (17mm) and 1 bolt (17mm) from the ball joint. Then you can lift up the whole strut assembley and manuever it so you will be able to back the half shaft out. Once the half shaft is out, you can pry/beat out the wheel bearing (toward the engine). Installation is the reverse of removal.

Do you half to change anything on the drive shaft when you lift a 95 jeep wrangler?

It depends on the number of inches you are lifting, if you go over 3 inches you will need to alter several things from drive shaft ( because of angle ) to steering components.

How do you remove a 1991 Toyota's left half shaft?

There is an excellent online guide to removing/replacing the Toyota's half shaft on's site. This should help anyone replacing virtually any Toyota half shaft. Go to Repair Info - Vehicle Repair Guides and drill down to your year, make and model, Drive Train, Half Shafts.

What does the intermediate shaft do?

The intermediate shaft is the shaft going to the driver side wheel from the tranny. The shaft is suppose to eliminate what you call torque steer, It comes straight from the tranny and bolts to the engine block with a bearing race to hold the shaft and at that brace is where the half shaft, or drive shaft connects to the intermediate shaft and to the driver side hub.

Where is the starter on a 1997 Acura TL 3.2?


What size is the nut on the half shaft on 2003 cadillac sls?


What are the release dates for Skating the Half Pipe - 1998?

Skating the Half Pipe - 1998 was released on: USA: 13 November 1998

What are the torque specs for a half shaft 1999 leganza?

the half shafts about 4 inches but the head of it is where size matters. make sure there are two ball sockets below the shaft when you configure with it. cradle them with care.

How do your replace the right outer cv boot torn on a 99 forester?

Don't bother trying to replace a torn boot on a half shaft. It is quicker, easier and cheaper to replace the whole half shaft.

If you remove the half shaft on a 99 GMC what will hold the wheel on?

move a sterring wheel gmc half ton

How do you install a front CV joint in a 1990 Subaru loyale?

Purchase a re-manufactured half-shaft from an auto parts store. The half-shaft comes complete ready to install with a new CV joint. You will spend almost as much for the CV joint kit alone and spend more frustrating time trying to rebuild the old half-shaft.

How do you remove the half shaft from the trans-axle on a 2004 Acura RSX?

Don't waste your time taking out the half shaft. Take the few bolts that are holding the rest of the axle and remove the half shaft with the other part of the axle all together. Its a hundred times easier. That's what we did in my 05 RSX type S. when we pulled the trans. out of the car.

How to fix a 1997 Chevy silverado z71 front cv axle drive shaft?

Trying to fix a cv axle half shaft your self is difficult. Replace it with a rebuilt or new half shaft. The parts to repair yours would cost you more than a complete replacement does.

How do you replace half shaft on a 1996 dodge neon?

1.remove the wheel (i assume you are capable of using a jack if you are asking how to change the shaft) 2.remove the brake caliper and rotor 3.unbolt the strut from the spindle and tilt the spindle out (may have to unbolt from the lower control arm) 4. slide shaft out of the wheel bearing hub 5. pull the shaft out of the transmission. install is reverse of the above steps

How do you change the brakes on your 1998 Yamaha grizzly 600?

Go to your local dealer and pick-up the parts you need and half a brain.

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