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How do you change a hard disk drive?

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  • Power down PC, unplug power. Open the PC, determine type of hard drive connection, most likely IDE. Buy similar drive.
  • If your old hard drive is bad, remove old HD (need screwdriver). There should be a diagram on both hard drives showing where to place the jumper. Look at this and then place the jumpers on the hard drive, matching the new one to the old one (usually located in the back by the ide/sata and power plugs) to match the diagram. Cable select is usually the right choice especially if there is only one drive on a cable with only one connector at each end.
  • Recomended drive: 7200 RPM or greater, 2MB Cache or better
  • Make sure you get the same type hard drive - PATA (IDE) or SATA - as you old one, unless your motherboard does both.
  • While your case is open, blow out the dust. It improves circulation and can add to the life of your computer. Also make sure all the fans are working. Leave the case side open and turn it on without touching the inside. All the fans should come on, assuming you have a name brand computer (read: bottom-line for company) without thermostat controlled fans.
  • The first part is a matter of cloning the hard drive (assuming you are not just moving the disk from one computer to another). Otherwise the process is known as a repair installation where you will need the bootable CD with the OS to fix the old hard drive so it works in it's new home hardware.
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What is another word for hard drive?

HDD (Hard drive disk) or disk drive

What is the other name for hard disk in architecture?

It is also known as Hard Drive, Disk Drive, Or Hard Disk Drive.

What is the role of a hard disk drive platter?

The hard disk drive platter is used to store magnetic data or information that comes from the hard disk drive, where they are stored. The hard disk drive can contain one or more hard disk platter.

What is hard disk also known as?

* Hard disk drive * Hard drive * HDD

Why is the hard disk drive called hard disk?

because is a fixed drive

What is the difference between a hard drive and a hard disk drive?

they are the same thing... The Hard Disk is the magnetic disk that stores the bytes, the Drive is the mechanism that writes the data to the disk.

Difference between hard disk drive and magnetic disk?

A hard drive is a form of magnetic disk.

What does a hard disk do?

A Hard disk or even a hard drive stores information.

What is a portable hard drive?

A portable hard drive is both of the following:a hard disk drive that is small enough to carry (portable)a hard disk drive that is external to a computer

What is the difference between a parmanent hard disk drive and a removable hard disk drive?

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PERMANENT HARD DISK DRIVE AND A REMOVABLE HARD DISK DRIVE A permanent drive is in housed in the system while the removable one is externally fixed. Basically they perform the same functions.

What are the tree drives on a computer?

Hard drive, Disk drive and FLoppy disk drive

What is the difference between hard disk and hard disk drive?

A hard disk drive is the motor and controller of the hard disk, which is the set of platters and spindle. Various users will use these terms in different or identical ways. Technically the disk is just the aluminium or glass disk that is coated with a magnetic surface. But all the computer guys I know equate the terms hard disk with hard disk drive.

What are 3 types of drives on the computer?

Hard Disk Drive Floppy Disk Drive Optical Disk Drive

What are the purpose of a hard disk drive in a PC?

A hard disk drive is what is used for storage. So for things which need to be saved, they are saved onto the hard disk.

What are hard disk drive?

Hard disk drive is a storage device.its is a non-volatile storage device

What drive is most often the hard disk drive?

In Windows computers the C:\\ is usually the hard disk.

What group does the local disk drive contain for the hard disk drive?

Local disk c

What does a hard disk drive do?

A Hard Disk Drive (HDD for short) stores your files. In most computers running Windows, your primary hard drive is represented by your C: drive.

The main storage device on your computer is the disk drive?

Hard disk drive.

The main storage device on your computer is the what disk drive?

Hard disk Drive

Can a hard drive be considered a boot disk?

Yes. In fact the hard drive is the most common boot disk.

Can you burn a game to your XBOX 360 hard drive and play it from your hard drive without the disk?

no, you need the disk

What is 'hard disk drive' in German?

"Festplattenlaufwerk" is a German equivalent of "hard disk drive" of computers.

What is 'hard disk drive' in Dutch?

"Harde schijf" is a Dutch equivalent of "hard disk drive."

How do you get scratches on a computer disk?

CD/DVD disk - moving the drive when CD is running. Or being dropped. HDD (hard drive disk) - Dropping it on the floor. Shaking the hard drive while running. Piece of material in loose in the hard drive and scratching the disk.