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How do you change a heater core in a 1977 F-150 with AC?


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2010-02-04 00:29:41
2010-02-04 00:29:41

Hire some body. I recently started changing mine out and it is a bear. So far I've removed the A/C unit ( Already disconnected and not going back in), Dropped the secondary blower motor, and loosened the dash face in order to remove both A/C and Htr assembly. If there is an easier way I hope somebody will post it.


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Remove the glove box and you'll have access to the heater core, still not easy.

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To change the heater core in a 87 ford f150 is easy. Just remove the glove box and then behind it there is 7 bolts. After you remove the 7 bolts then just remove the cover and behind it is the heater core. By far the easiest heater core I ever changed.

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trust me that is not a job you want to take on. take it to a mechanic. you have to pull the dash out

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