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You will need a 7/32 socket and a 12mm socket and a pair of pliers. First take out your console. It is behide it under the dash. Taking out your console is the easy part, but it makes it easier to get to. After you get the console out, take off the section of vents that would go under the driver and passenger seats. There is about 2 or 3 bolts in it, then it should pop off. Once its off the housing to the heater core is right above it. There will be about 7 or 8 bolts in the housing. Once you have the housing down, there will be 2 brackets holding the heater core up. The best way I found was to go under the car and take the hoses off. Then go back in the car and rip it OUT!!!!!! But be careful. When putting the new one in be careful not to crimp the lines (VERY IMPORTANT). Go back under car, clamp hoses back on. Put brackets back on and bolt it up. After that bolt housing back up, bolt vents on, put console back in. Refill coolant. It is a lot harder than it sounds. It took me about 12 Hours to do. ==New Answer Headline== I didn't remove the console,,Just got under the dash removed the visiable screws and then removed the 2 screws that you can't see they are toward the fire wall. removed the plastic bottom piece and you'll see the core . I'm not a mechinic and it took me only 3 hrs.

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Q: How do you change a heater core in a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am?
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