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Well this is a job best left to a tv repair shop. Removing the old tube should not be a hard job except I would caution you not to lift the tube by it's neck and you should wear safety glasses and gloves because these tubes can implode (blow up) if dropped. Also it's possible to get a shock on the old tube, one time this happened to me as I was lifting a picture tube and placing it into the back of my car. Lucky that my dad was helping me otherwise I could have dropped the tube. The tube should be discharged before you remove it. The real problem is going to be reinstalling the yoke coil and magnets from the old tube to the new one and then adjusting them so the color is in alignment. If you have never done this before you could spend hours trying to get the colors adjusted right.

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Q: How do you change a picture tube on a Sony Trinitron TV?
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IS A SONY trinitron TV the same as an lcd TV?

One is the older style CRT picture tube and the other is a Flat Screen.

Does the Sony trinitron srs tv have digital tuner?

No, the Sony Trinitron tube televisions with Sound Retrieval System (SRS) did not have a digital tuner. The tuner was analog.

How can you tell if the picture tube is going dead on a Sony Trinitron TV?

Long warm up period, low contrast and brightness and usually a redish-green picture are a few of the signs. You need to have it tested to be sure.

Sony Trinitron 1984 tv worth?

Not much. A tube type TV that old has very little value.

Can a Picture tube of a Sony Trinitron be replaced at home?

Yes, but it can be a major repair job and unless you're qualified to do it, I'd suggest you call someone willing to do one at home. It's much easier to do it in the shop.

How do you rate Sony televisions?

In the old days of CRT televisions, I would have rated Sony TVs at the top. Their Trinitron picture tube was (in my opinion) the best picture tube made. But now, in the era of flat-screen TVs, the relative merits of the various makes are less significant. I bought a "bottom of the line" TV from Best Buy because it had all of the features I needed, and didn't cost me a fortune.

What are the advantages of the trinitron picture tube?

For each pixel position a Sony Trinitron picture tube uses a group of 3 very thin red, green and blue vertical lines of phosphorescent material. If you look closely at a Trinitron screen you will see hundreds of red, green and blue vertical stripes, very closely packed together, going across the whole width of the screen. Non-Trinitron tubes use triplets of tiny red, green and blue phosphorescent dots instead of lines. When it was first invented back in the early 1970s Sony claimed that the Trinitron system gives a sharper picture because, on the production lines in the factories, putting in place the phosphor lines could be controlled much more accurately than having to position millions of separate dots. Over the past 30 years systems for manufacturing picture tubes using triplets of tiny red, green and blue dots have improved so much that the Trinitron design may no longer have as much superiority as was originally claimed for it, but it is still an excellent system.

What was the biggest size Sony Trinitron TVs come in?

"Trinitron" is a Sony brand for CRT televisions. Sony does not manufacture CRT (tube-style) TV's anymore. The largest residential televisions Sony currently sells are 60 inches in diagonal measurement, although commercial displays (known generally as "JumboTrons") can be several times larger. The last big CRT Sony made was the KV-40XBR800 screen, which was in the WEGA lineup, and used Trinitron (shadow-mask) technology. It was 40 inches in diagonal measurement and weighed over 300 pounds.

Does the sony trinitron wega kv-27fs13 have a built-in digital tuner?

No. It does not. As a rule, most every CRT television (tube TV) will only have an analog tuner.

What would it cost for a green picture tube for a 51 inch sony TV?


How much does a 36 Sony trinitron weigh?

200lbs plus!!! more than one person can handle(trust me!) The Trinitron tube weighs so much because there is a heavy steel frame to stabilize the tiny wires that separate the red, green, and blue stripes. The steel frame also serves as protection from injury in case the tube were to break.

What is monochrome picture tube?

What is monochromatic picture tube

Where is the picture tube?

A picture tube is that big glass thing you look at that the picture appears on. The back of it has a regular tube socket.

How do you change your picture on YouTube?

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How do you change my profile picture on a you tube account?

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What are the step by step instructions for replacing your Sony trinitron picture tube yourself?

If you have to ask, I seriously don't think you're qualified to even try such a task. There's more to it than just replacing the picture tube, like the alignement of the convergence, among other things, and that usually requires some type of electronics training. I've changed several pix tubes over the years and although Sony is one of the easiest as far as the mechanicals go. BUT,m the big problem is the convergence and set-up of the yoke assembly, depending on the make, model and brand. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes, you don't and it takes awhile to get it tuned in. If you can afford it, have a trained technician do it for you. There's too many opportunities to get knocked back on your keester if you don't know what you're doing.

How do you post a default picture on you-tube?

#1. Click on "My account" or simply "Account" #2. Right Below the default picture you already have, you will see a link called "change" click on that link. #3. press the browse button and it will promt you to your computer pictures and choose which picture you want to have as your default picture. #4. Press ok and you're done

How much is a Sony 35in. Trinitron seven year old TV worth?

Worth of Sony Trinitron 35 Inch TVDepends on the picture, but used electronics aren't worth much. You might get $35 -50.00 for a working set with a good picture, if you're lucky.If it looks good and works OK, I'd consider hanging onto it until it dies. The new TV's aren't all they're cracked up to be and you might get three years out of one before you start having problems. Today's new TV"s aren't anything to write home about, as they say.Since it's a Sony, if nothing more's wrong with it than a dark picture, you might want to consider paying to have the tube rejuvinated. It could bring the tube back to life for as much as another two years and most TV shops only charge around $35.00 for the procedure, plus service call. (Sony's seem to respond to the rejuvination process better than any other brand.)I disagree as to the "potential value" of electronics which is "antique" or out of production. Especially if it is in MINT condition and working order. I have 2 units of 13 year old SONY TRINITRON - one is 36" and the other is 32". Both used daily and never looked better. The original Apple computer in 1976 sold for $666.66 and was sold recently at Sotheby auction for $ 374,500. Today I would not sell my 36" Sony for less than 25K - remember they don't make these any more - it has an intrinsic historical value - even for museums. Do you know that a used pair of MADE in USA Converse men's canvas jogger is priced about $500today? Why? - because they don't have any Converse production in the USA anymore.

How do you get Vertical red and green lines off a Sony HDTV?

If you have vertical lines on an LCD TV it is most likely that the TFT panel has failed. This would make the TV beyond economical repair. To be sure tack it to your local repair centre.Additional information: 1 or 2 very thin lines on Sony CRT (tube) televisions are normal. The vertical lines are actually support wires for Sony's Trinitron aperture grille system.

Use component in a sentence?

The picture tube is the main component of a television set.The picture tube is the main component of a television set.

What are the old tv's with the big back on them?

Those were picture-tube TVs. The picture tube was almost as long as the TV screen was wide.

How do you tell if the picture tube is going out?

1, poor picture with negative shade

Where can you purchase new picture tube for a flat screen TV?

If you are referring to an LCD (thin, flat screen that you could hang on a wall) then there is no picture tube, and if the display is broken, you probably need to get a whole new TV. If you are referring to an older TV that has a CRT picture tube with a flat display surface, then your only hope is to find an old, used TV with an intact picture tube. They're not making picture tubes any more.

What kind of gas is inside tv picture tube?

A television picture tube is a cathode ray tube (CRT), and it is highly evacuated. That said, a CRT is full of nothing. It is highly evacuated, and presents an implosion hazard.

Typical problems encountered with Sony projection TV?

Some of the typical problems encountered with Sony projection tvs are the tube going out and the loss of color. Sony TVs are under warranty for the first year.