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How do you change a power antenna motor for a '93 Buick?

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Access through right side of trunk - remove panel and replace as complete unit

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How do you change the power antenna on an 87 buick regal?

Remove the wiring harness from the bottom of your 1987 Buick Regal power antenna. Remove the power antenna retaining nuts. The power antenna will come off. Reverse the process to install the new power antenna.

How do you replace the power antenna on a 1985 Buick Regal?

You can access the antenna and motor by pulling out the trunk carpet lining, then once you have a new one just unplug the old one and stick the new one in ;)

What type of antenna is stock on a 1994 Buick park avenue ultra?

power antenna, you can buy them from gm dealers for about $120

Where is the power antenna fuse in a Buick Century?

In my 1989 century, its in the glovecompartment behind a small door with a hole in it. No 3 from top to the right. Problem with the antenna motor running after ignition cut? Hope you excuse my imperfect english. Ray Norway, Eu

Why will the power antenna not retract on a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder?

I have the same problem on my Nissan Altima, it is the antenna motor. Replace it.

How do you change a power antenna on a 2000 Corvette convertable?

== == How do I get instructions on replacing a power antenna on a 2004 corvette convertible?

How does the power antenna work on the 1996 Chrysler Concorde LXi?

Turning on your radio will send power to the motor which is the base of the entire antenna. The motor turns a gear which is connected to a nylon strip with notches (mating gear) which is moved through a channel and is connected to the top of the antenna and pushes the antenna up.

How do you change a power antenna on a QX4?

With your radio in the On position, turn your ignition 1 click to engage the power antenna. Then gently pull out old antenna as it raises. Feed in new antenna while your assistant turns the radio to the Off position. the motor will naturally pull in the new antenna...or go to the carwash and convince them their mechanised mildew-removing mmaham are the guilty party, and they owe $35 for a new antenna.

How do you remove the power antenna motor and antenna from a 1998 4Runner Once this is done is it possible to install a euro style antenna?

I have a 98 4runner limited and It has a power antenna, I recently replaced the mast for it and it's pretty easy to replace the antenna it self. not sure about the euro ,but I know that it's pretty easy to take off the motor (if you can get under the panel) and just replace it with a normal antenna

Where is the power steering reservoir on a 1996 Buick Park Avenue with 3800 Series engine do you change the belt on the supercharger of a 1996 Buick Park?

The power steering box is on the right side behind the motor close to the finder wall. Get a flash light and look behind the motor and don't try to reach it while the motor is hot.

1996 jeep grand Cherokee right hand drive antenna relay?

I don't believe there is a relay. When you turn on the power to your radio the antenna should go up and down when you turn off the power. If the antenna is not doing just that, then the antenna motor is bad.

Why does your battery drain on your 1976 Cadillac Seville?

Either the battery has a dead cell and needs replacing or something is pulling power from the battery when the engine is off. I had a problem with my 1986 Cadillac DeVille where the power antenna was stuck and the motor would run all night trying to lower the antenna. To resolve the problem I just removed the fuse for the power antenna motor.

How do you replace power antenna on 1992 corvette?

Remove left rear wheel plastic housing cover under the body you can then access the antenna motor.

1989 cutslas and the power antenna motor keeps running and the antenna is stuck in the up position What do you do?

If the antenna is in the up position, you have 2 options, replace the entire assembly, or unplug it. In the trunk under the antenna, you will find a set of 3 wires going into a relay. Unplug those, and the motor will turn off.

How do you change the Power Antenna on 1986 Olds Delta 88?

To Change the antenna, its best to remove the right front tire. Then remove the plastic wheel well cover and wella, the antenna can be easily replaced.

How do you get the power antenna down on a 1979 Corvette can hear a click in the back when you turn on the radio is that an antenna relay?

95 % of the time the nylon cord that moves the antenna up and down gets stripped. The power antenna motor is going to cost about $200.00. The antenna mast is about $40.00 which comes as part of the nylon cord. The motor that drives the antenna must bestill working. The procedure to fix takes about 15 minutes. Remove the nut that secures the antenna and slowly pull the antenna out od the socket. Take the new antenna with the nylon leadand feed it into the socket hole. You can then secure the antenna in place with the holding nut.

How do you disconnect the power antenna on a 1988 Cutlass Cierra?

Just unplug the power wire below the motor or the fuse in the fuse box..

How do you get the antenna to go up with a new stereo installed if the antenna wire is connected to the stereo but the antenna won't raise now even from the switch?

The motor that raises and lowers the antenna is controlled by a wire which is connected to the power switch in the stock radio. The wire from the antenna itself has nothing to do with raising and lowering the antenna. Touch the wires that were connected to the stock radio to a hot wire and see if the antenna starts to move. If if does, hook that wire to the wire from the new radio which is supposed to control the antenna motor. If there is no such wire, connect the antenna motor wire to the Accessory circut. The antenna will go up whenever the key is turned on. Or, you can get fancy and install a switch for it.

1999 buick lesabre power steering location?


How do you disconnect sequoia power antenna?

remove the pass. finder linner and find plug to the motor and disconnect it

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