How do you change a power steering pressure hose on 94 buick regal 3.8L?

Remove hose from pump with a 16mm crowfoot wrench and extension. There is a plastic bracket about midway through the hose, that must be cut from under the car (it's almost in dead center of the hose, in the rubber part, you may have to remove the two 10mm screws holding on the heat shield.)

The fitting on the rack (steering column) is the hardest to get to. I used a 18mm crowfoot wrench on a 6'' wobble extension, then a universal joint, followed by another extension, slid down from the top at an angle from the left side next to the firewall, down under the brake booster to get to the fitting. I would also suggest a few wraps of teflon tape on the new fittings, because you damn sure don't want it to leak.

Do not work near unnecessary tools, or your dog, you will throw the former and kick the latter. Remove small children because you will curse as well. Good luck.