How do you change a rear turn signal bulb on a Ford Freestyle?

The tail light on my 2005 Freestyle is held in position in 4 places. There are two large Phillips screws that secure the rear of the tail light assembly, which can be accessed and removed with the tail gate open. The front of the tail light assembly is held in with two clips. These clips can be seen if you look at the side of the car near the front part of the assembly (on my car, there was one black one and one white one. They almost look like screws or bolts, but they aren't.

First, I removed the two Phillips screws. With the screws removed, slide the whole tail light assembly straight to the back. The two clips on my car were VERY tight. I had to carefully rock the whole assembly while pulling straight back. If that does not work insert a screw driver in the gap at the front of tail light assembly and pry toward the back (make sure to use a rag between the screw driver and the paint). I replaced both turn signal lamps, and both tail light assemblies required a fair amount of force to brake free of the clips.

To access the bulbs, twist the bulb socket a quarter turn, then pull straight out. The bulbs can be removed from the sockets by pulling them straight out.

Reverse the process to re-assemble. It goes back together very easily.

Excellent advice and worked for me. My rear bumper was replaced after a fender bender and the paint scratched slightly below the tail light as it was removed (some pressure is required to release the clips). The factory paint may be more robust, but a rag should be placed on the bumper for protection under the tail light assembly, as it is pulled straight back. This will also protect the bumper as the assembly wants to sit on it as you replace the bulbs.